Skirting boards are the best option to decorate the interior of your home. The majority of people prefer installing skirting boards because they help provide an aesthetic look to your house. Even it helps you to protect the lower walls from scratches.

In recent times, various types of skirting boards have been introduced. You can get it from both offline and online markets, but we suggest you buy it from the online market because you will get the best price there. Several online shopping sites are available on the internet. You can choose the one that offers you least price.

Due to the wide variety, it gets complicated to choose the suitable skirting board for your interior. These boards come in many different profiles. Let’s discuss some most unique profiles of skirting boards that will make your home more beautiful.

Ogee Skirting Profile

If you are searching for a skirting board for a traditional look, then the Ogee profile is the best option. Ogee skirting profile is one of the most popular skirting boards, and it’s widely used in the UK. Many modern decors also love to use this profile because it adds a sense of luxury to the interior.

Generally, an ogee profile has an angle curve on the top and a big curve with a curved line below. The height of this profile ranges between 57mm to 168 mm. These are bit on the expensive side and also available ornamented designs.

Bull Nose Skirting Profile

Bull nose skirting profile has a basic design that provides a simplistic look to the interior of your home. It is also known as pencil round skirting, and it is usually rounded from the top and provides a clean look to the walls. For reference, you can even compare it with molding, used by carpenters for interior designing.

It does not have sharp edges, which is much safer for families with small children, as it reduces the risk of getting injured with them. We suggest you add these boards to the rooms of your parents because it is very simple that old age people will love. In addition, you can use dark grey skirting boards  to enhance the looking of your room.

Square Edge Profile

It is the most affordable skirting profile that you can ever get. It is as simplistic as a bull nose, but it’s even easier to clean. You can consider a square edge profile if you have a strict budget and want to decorate the interiors.

These are simply squared from the top with no more details and patterns. Usually, people who want to paint the skirting into wall colors buy this profile because it’s easy to paint and no line is visible after coloring like other profiles. You can even convert white boards to dark grey skirting boards very easily.

 Lamps Tongue Profile

Lamb’s tongue is one of the most popular techniques of carpenters. Its characteristics include a 45-degree chamfer that connects both square and rounded edges. In this modern world, it’s hard to find this profile, but the ones who want a classic apprence still go with this profile.