Charlie Wilson left an indelible mark upon Ohioans with his unwavering commitment to their welfare, from serving in different capacities in politics from serving in Ohio’s House of Representatives all the way up to U.S. Congress. Wilson’s tireless persistence, as evidenced in his write-in victory campaign and subsequent resilience remain inspiring chapters in American political history.

Key Details

  • Full name: Charlie Wilson
  • Occupation : Former U.S. Rep.
  • Party affiliation: Democrat
  • Ohio 6th Congressional district
  • Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest
  • Key achievements: Securing funding for police departments and airport improvements.

A Journey through Ohio’s Political Landscape :

Charlie Wilson began his career in Ohio politics when he served as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives between 1997 and 2005. This was a period of transformational policies and developments. Wilson’s concern for the well-being of the public was evident in all his efforts. Wilson’s commitment to Ohio continued after he served in the House. He was a two-year member of the Ohio Senate.

Unexpected Victory: The Write-in Campaign in 2006:

Wilson’s tenacious spirit was evident to political enthusiasts in 2006. Wilson refused to concede defeat despite not being able to gather enough signatures for the primaries. He instead embarked upon a write in campaign for Ohio’s sixth congressional district. Wilson won the district that stretches from Youngstown to Portsmouth’s southern suburbs. He filled the seat left vacant by Governor Strickland. Ted Strickland.

Contributions to Congress:

Wilson was a member of the U.S. Congress who focused on the well-being and safety of his constituents. This included those from the coal-heavy area he represented. Wilson was a member on the House Committee on Science and Technology. He sought to make advancements for his district and nation. During his tenure, he championed airport improvements, police services, and the nurturing of small businesses via incubators.

Political Challenges and Bids:

Wilson’s journey was not without challenges. After his successful tenure in 2006, Wilson faced defeats both in 2010 and in 2012. His dedication was unwavering as evidenced by the respect he received from even his political rivals, such as U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson.

Beyond Politics:

Wilson, before serving the public as a lawyer, was an entrepreneur who owned several small businesses in the Ohio Valley. In his early years, Wilson attended Ohio University in Athens while working at Ford Automotive in Lorain. This demonstrated both his varied experiences and dedication to hard work.

Tributes and Legacy:

Charlie Wilson’s death was deeply felt by all who knew him, including the people he represented. Many people remembered his commitment, dedication and energy to Ohio. The legacy of his sons is a testament to his contribution.

Charlie Wilson’s story is a testament to hope, resilience and dedication to public service. His journey from the assembly lines to the halls of Congress in the United States remains an inspiration for aspiring leaders.


  1. Who Was Charlie Wilson?
    Charlie Wilson, a former U.S. representative who represented Ohio’s 6th Congressional District in his capacity as a Democrat.
  2. When did Charlie Wilson pass away?
    Charlie Wilson died on Sunday, according to the Ohio Democratic Party.
  3. What caused Charlie Wilson’s death
    Charlie Wilson passed away after complications from an earlier stroke.
  4. Where did Charlie Wilson go when he had a stroke?
    In February, he suffered an ischemic stroke while on vacation with his family.
  5. Was Charlie Wilson hospitalized prior to his death?
    He was in a rehabilitation facility and later was admitted to Boynton Beach hospital.