At Wood N Dreams, we are committed to creating beautiful handcrafted pieces that match the high-quality needs of our clients. These are labors of love in the grand tradition of bespoke writing implements that goes back decades.

The world of fountain pens is an enriching experience that can last you a lifetime. Every step is filled with charm, from refilling the ink to finding your perfect pen. When you shop at our store, you are transported into a world of eloquent design and structure that can be given as a gift or cherished as part of your permanent desk accessories.

A Smarter Design

When you purchase a classic fountain pen, you are making an investment that will last for years. This is because these pens were often handcrafted from high-quality materials and made to be comfortable to use. They also look fantastic. We rely on designs that marry traditional features with modern needs so the superior style is maintained and you get the reliability and durability needed for the fast-paced world of today.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our fountain pens are hand crafted, polished, and made to a high standard. Our classic fountain pens are handmade from some of the most desired hardwoods available and then trimmed in attractive designs and plating. We make each one lightweight enough, so you do not get the stress on your wrist but heavy enough to feel good in your hand.

You can select from brushed satin or 24kt gold plating when you purchase a classic fountain pen from our expert crafters at Wood N Dreams.

Perfect Inks for Flow and Style

The ink is one of the most essential parts of a fountain pen. In addition to being a key ingredient in writing, it can also be used for calligraphy, art, and science. Inks come in many different colors and shades, making them an integral part of the fountain pen experience.

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We use private reverse sealed ink cartridges with various colors, from velvet black to Naples blue. We offer different optional nib sizes to use the ink across fine, medium, or broad tip strokes, so you get the tone you want on your paper.

Personalized Features

Personalizing your fountain pen is often done by adding an engraving. We provide you the space to add your name, logo, or other phrases so that you get that intimate feeling of connection with this powerful writing implement.

Our goal is to carry on the grand tradition of classic fountain pens that many businesses, legal, medical, and other working professionals prefer. We have sold our quality fountain pens to everyone from world leaders to newly minted authors penning the next great American novel.

Explore our various options on our site, and please don’t forget to add the personalization you wish so that your classic fountain pen becomes an heirloom piece in your office for years to come.

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