Everyone has a happy place; for many, it is their bedroom. The idea of going back to our bedroom is almost enough to calm us during a long, tiring day. In simple words, bedrooms matter, and so does their decoration. The aesthetics, style, placements, and even the minute details of the bedrooms reflect our very personalities. That’s why we feel more relaxed and calmer in our rooms. 

There are so many ways in which you can decorate your room to go with your mood or style. Though there is no set scheme or strategy to follow when decorating one’s bedroom, keeping a specific design underplay can be more aesthetically pleasing. Nonetheless, you can mix and match the aesthetics however you like. Therefore, there are some bedroom decorating ideas that you can choose from for your next bedroom renovation.

  1. Go Minimal 

Almost everyone agrees that it is the time of minimalism and who would not like a clean but chic place to live in and relax. So paint your walls any pastel or light color, keep the things that reflect your aura, have a room plant, and most importantly, declutter. Well, it could make some people uncomfortable when it comes to saying goodbye to their stuff, but you don’t have to do that. Thankfully, there are many places where you can keep your stuff. For instance, if you live in Houston, you can search storage units Houston on google and find the one nearer you with the best conditions that suit your stuff. Use such facilities to keep your things safe and get them back whenever you feel like changing your bedroom design. 

  1. Add Abstract Art

Abstract art never goes wrong and always adds a sense of calmness. Putting some abstract art on the bedroom walls can bring a new look to the room. It can make your bedroom look more fresh and calm. The different colors and patterns used in the art always prove to be eye-pleasing and can soothe your mind. Make your space more personal and relaxing by placing such art that aligns with and reflects your personality.

  1. Vintage is New 

Even with the rise of minimalism, you cannot rule out the maximalist vintage looks. Heavy wooden furniture with patterned curtains and dark floorboards combined with pastel wall colors to keep it under tone is a go for people who like to live in closed places. If you are not ready for an overall vintage look, you can always choose your favorite parts and add them to your style. It could be heavy floral beddings, a candle stand, or a small chandelier.

  1. Boho Style

A bohemian vibe appeases all the free spirits who do not like to put a limit on their creativity but also know how to keep everything in tone. You should try a boho look if you prefer many colors or textures. Adding suzanis, plush cushions, colorful paintings, and small decorative pieces can bring a fresh look to your bedroom. You can add as many colors as you like and use rugs for texture and a modern look.

  1. Make it Green 

Different studies have shown that indoor plants play a vital role in relieving stress. There is no better place than your bedroom to add a touch of green for stress-relieving purposes. You will wake up and sleep while interacting with your room plants, making you feel calmer and more relaxed. Plants, such as peace lily and snake plants, also brighten the room and can be adjusted to any style, whether minimal or boho. They are worth the investment as plants are easy to move and, if taken care of properly, can be with you for a long time. 

  1. Pictures and Frames 

Your bedroom should look like it belongs to you, and adding your favorite pictures of yourself, your family, and your friends can help you achieve the goal. You can use eco-friendly wall paintings purchased from sites like Artlimes. You can use a wall that faces your door or the one behind your bed for this purpose, as they stand out the most. You can go for a black and white look or a colored one to add a pop to your room.

  1. Mirror(s) on the Wall(s)

No matter the basic design or aesthetic, a mirror goes with everything. It makes the space look bigger, airier, and brighter. You can change a mirror’s shape or size, add a frame to it or double the quantity to bring any desired change. Mirrors have the quality to make rooms look more sophisticated and settled. They can take your basic-looking bedroom to a more modern and welcoming one. If you have a set of mirrors and also get sunlight in your bedroom, then you’re one of the god’s favorites.

  1. Place Storage Baskets but Make Them Décor

Who doesn’t like extra space for storage? But what if you can do that while using it to accentuate your room? It is where the woven baskets enter. They not only provide you with more space to store your things, such as fabrics, but also look chic and modern. Put some baby’s breaths or a textured shawl on the top of the basket to bring more life to it. These baskets come in many sizes and styles and are now affordable and easy to find. So next time you want to make a small but useful change in your room, you should consider using such baskets. 

  1. Books and Lamps 

Generally and rightfully advised not to be judged by the covers, some books look stylish and classic when placed. A bookcase by the bed or a shelf by a window can also play a significant role in giving your bedroom a more personalized touch. Books, however, should not only be used for mere decorative purposes, but having books by your side can make it more convenient for you to read them. Adding gold-rimmed or generally aesthetic reading lamps can further enhance the beauty the books will bring to your room. It’s a win-win.


Bedrooms describe and reflect their owners. They become a safe space for them that offers calmness and relaxation. Everyone likes to set up their bedrooms in ways that they want. However, if things get boring, the occasional changes, sometimes substantial and other times minor, in the bedroom can be very helpful in changing the overall mood. There are so many different things that you can add and designs that you can follow to decorate your bedrooms. You can play around with colors, plants, wallpapers, beddings, furniture, and much more to give your bedroom your desired look.