Wedding invitations help set the tone for the big day and are a beautiful way to do so. Traditionally wedding invitation were simple and did not have much customisation, they simply focussed on the content. However, nowadays wedding invitations have innumerable possibilities of design and customization. From DIY to hiring a professional like Pietra Paper Design there are many options for couples to design their own unique wedding invitations. Customised wedding invitations give the couples a great opportunity to design an invitation that reflects their personality and their wedding theme.

Easy ways to design your unique wedding card

They key to having a ‘wow factor’ in your wedding is to focus on the small details and make sure they fit with the theme and vibe of the wedding celebration. The work of detailing it out starts from the wedding invitations. Just by adding a few elements and simple touches you will leave your guests feeling touched and excited about your wedding. Don’t worry you will not have to burn a hold in your pocket to create a wedding invitation that stands out, here are some inexpensive, easy and simple ideas for making an amazing wedding card.

  • Add a personalised stamp: Personalised rubber stamps are a thing these days. You can use them in your wedding card as well as the envelope to mention the return address.
  • Add a ribbon: A ribbon is a gorgeous addition and helps keep all the elements of the invitation together. You can add a small tag if you wish to add an extra special touch.
  • Get creative with the edges: You can use a special punch or a stamp cutter for making fancy edges and corners. These are easily available in the local craft store or online. Make sure you do it when you are feeling fresh as this job needs a steady had or the patterns might go off.
  • Use some beautiful calligraphy: Designing your wedding invitation is a good time to learn a new skill – calligraphy. Just watch some videos or take a friend’s help and address your wedding invitations beautifully.
  • Add a watercolour wash: Do you want to recreate those beautiful invitations you have seen on the social media? Giving the paper a watercolour wash is a simple way of creating beautiful cards. Make sure you don’t overdo it as the paper may get damaged.
  • Emboss: Embossing can take your envelope from ‘plain’ to ‘wow’. A personalised embosser lets you add an elegant touch. It looks very luxurious and expensive, but you know the secret!
  • Seal the envelope with wax: This old world style gives your wedding invitation a unique look and makes your guests feel special. Practice it a few times before you start sealing the envelopes.

How to find professional help for wedding invitations?

If you are not someone who wants to do a DIY job of creating wedding invitations, you can hire a professional. Make sure your do your research well before making the choice. You must read through the reviews, do some reference check and personally review their work. Here are some ways to find a good professional for doing your wedding invitations:

  • If you have hired a wedding planner, it is best to ask them for references. Wedding planners have a huge network and they will be able to share some names keeping in mind the theme of your wedding. However, do not forget to review their work on your own.
  • For finding a locally based wedding invitations designer, Google search comes handy. You can check the ratings, read reviews and see samples of their work. Once you have the address, set-up an in-person meeting and discuss your requirements.
  • Social media is a great place to find talented folks. You can search on Instagram or Pinterest. Use the right hashtags and review the feed of the designer to check the quality of their work.

If you intend to have the wedding invites printed, make sure you discuss the same with the professional. As the design needs to be compatible with the paper and vice-versa, it is important that the designer understand the various types of papers. Lastly, you must clearly outline how you want the wedding invitation to look like so that the expectation are set clearly in the beginning itself.