It is designed as a cloud-based electronic health record system more often than not compatible with small and medium-sized medical practices and hospitals. Organizations have found Athena EHR to be the solution to all their administrative work that used to be one hectic task: restoring the reports, finding files of patients on computers, and losing the patient’s history. Athena HER Software has defiantly solved all these problems. However, Athena EHR Software has been used mainly in small-sized organizations and hospitals. So first, let us look at the various reviews and features of Athena EHR.

Athena EHR Features:

1. Systemic Documentation:

Athena EHR Software provides efficient documentation with an increased ability to secure files and reports. In addition, the workflows made with this software enable the users to chart and pinpoint their health records, making it easy to tap on any report or file instantly. Moreover, the other aspect of this feature is that this software acquires insight from 135K doctors and clinicians.

2. Collaborative Interaction:

The patient care plans have done their work. Nobody could have imagined the inconvenience of meeting the clinician to be ousted by any software. However, Athena EHR Software has done that for you. Its collaborative feature of making appointments too quick and easy has eased the process.

3. Patient Portals:

Athena EHR Software enables a mobile app with a patient portal option available. The portal allows the staff and patients to look and review the complete history and guide in-depth information.

Athena EHR Reviews:


• There exist many positive reviews along with feedback about the software, and one of the users pointed out that the software has a single login that easily gets you access to the files. They said their work was more accessible due to more minor feature complications.

• The other reviews revolved with the software’s easy interface. The users noted that compared to other software they have used, Athena HER’s working is more manageable and smoother.

• Other reviews revolved around how the software has a transparent solution. Transparency also helps the insurance companies and can benefit them.


• However, some of the users did not have a good experience with the software, one of the reviewers noted that they did not feel secure while using the software. They said that the system could be made more secure so they could trust the system with personal information.

• Some of the other users noted that the browser became slower at times and that caused them to delay their work. Improvement is suggested in fixing the browser problem. Some other users also suggested more integration.

Azalea EHR 101:

Azalea is a cloud-based electronic health record system. It is also practice management, revenue cycle management, and telehealth solution for hospital care and ambulatory services. It is pertinent to note that real-time charting is enabled with the help of fully integrated patient records. Azalea EHR also offers a fully integrated mobile application, which is a huge plus. It has unique and amazing features such as appointment reminders and a patient portal. Let us look at some of the reviews of Azalea medical software.

We understand the interest of our readers in reading about the reviews of the software they want to choose, so we have listed down some reviews and divided them into pros and cons.


· Some other users wrote that this is the first time in any system where you have emr and ehr in one place. Users noted that the presence of both emr and ehr is a ground-breaking change in the software.

· One of the other reviews revolved around the smooth working of the software; users noted that they did not have to face any glitches in the system compared to other software they have used.


· However, some of the users had reservations about the software. Some noted duplicate documents as there was no lock-out on documents when multiple users used the software. The users suggested that there should be a feature of lockout to make things easier.

· Other users noted that the reports took much time when they wanted to extract the data. The users suggested that the reporting feature needs to be updated.

· Other users had opposite things to say, and some said that they did not find the software interface easy to use. The users said they were stuck in most options and did not find customer support helpful. The users suggested that the software should make the software easier to use as people from all age groups use the software.

Our Thoughts:

The best software available today is athena ehr and anzalea software. The two have proven to be the best because of how efficient their work is, including the features that have uplifted the value of healthcare facilities. Instead of athena vs azalea health, we brought you a complete guide however, choosing the software best suited to your practice is essential to knowing the requirements. So, take our suggestions and go for it.