Denim has a universal and timeless appeal. Can you remember a time when you didn’t have denim in your wardrobe? While cuts and colors change as trends come and go, the fabric itself is a staple. Why? Because it’s hard-wearing, versatile and flattering

All that said, it is possible to get bored of wearing skinny denim jeans or your classic denim jacket when you wear them the same way, day in, day out. So, here are some ideas for switching things up and reworking the way you wear denim. 

We’ll look at working with what you already have as well as consider some new investments that might breathe fresh life into your favorite denim pieces. 

Ways to rework your denim favorites

Mixing and matching your denim in brand new ways will help go a long way in making your wardrobe as sustainable as possible.

1. Accessorize

Bold jewelry like oversized rings, large hooped earrings or bangle sets are a great way to dress up denim and add some flair to your outfit. Go all out and layer up your jewelry if you wish. 

Scarves can also add texture and color to an outfit. You can brave colder temperatures with the softest lambswool scarf added to your denim jacket or pair your jeans with a sheer scarf for a glam look. Silk scarves are utterly timeless and make any outfit instantly more chic and elegant. 

Headwear can also help adapt your denim to the season or the occasion. Play with adding sunglasses and prescription eyewear in different styles and hats, too. Add a beanie or cap for a relaxed, dressed-down feel. Feel Parisian in a beret or go Wild West with a cowboy hat. A fedora adds a quirky feel or a bandana can add some rock chic. 

Finally, belts can add interest but also have the added advantage of being able to reshape your outfit. For example, adding a belt to an oversized denim shirt or dress can drastically alter its silhouette. 

2. Add more (or less) layers

Layering up your denim will mean you can wear it all year round, day and night. Denim jeans look as good with a chunky knitted coat as they do with a bandeau top. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a top that couldn’t be styled with jeans.  

This means you can restyle your denim by teaming it with almost anything to suit your mood or the weather. A jean jacket can be layered up in so many different ways that it’s likely nobody will notice you wear it so often. Long black dresses, floral pieces in any length or style, tailored trousers, shorts, cargo trousers and boiler suits are just a few ideas that work well with a denim jacket. They show just how diverse a piece it is.  

3. Play with color

Lots of us get stuck in a color rut, wearing the same color combinations over and over.

Pops of color can inject new life into plain denim. Add a vibrant top to get your color fix. Makeup can also re-energize your look. Try a bright lipstick or eyeshadow in a color that will get you noticed. 

Footwear, like an amazing pair of heels or a funky pair of trainers, can also put a different accent to your outfit. Switching bags might be the answer, too. There are so many styles to choose from, from sequined clutches to oversized totes.  

Don’t be afraid to reinvent the ‘rules’

‘Never wear blue and black together’? That definitely doesn’t apply to black outfits with a blue denim jacket. The three-color rule doesn’t give you much scope for being adventurous either. Experiment and put a lot of colors side by side. 

Do you think they look great together? Then go for it. 

New investments

So far we’ve concentrated on looking at how you can breathe new life into your denim jeans and jackets. However, you can have just as much fun investing in some different ways to wear denim. It’s such a versatile fabric that designers are using it in really creative and inventive ways. 

Take afro chic clothing, for example. This is edgy, modern design that combines traditional African patterns and motifs with a huge variety of looks, from cocktail dresses to urban streetwear. Alternatively, traditional African garments like the Bisht are given an up-to-date twist using denim. It’s a look that’s well worth exploring if you feel like you’re stuck in a style rut. 

One thing is for sure: we’ve not gotten tired of denim yet and it doesn’t look like we ever will. Any investment you make in denim is always money well spent. 


Ethiopian-born and Dubai-based fashion designer Feiruza Mudessir discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with contemporary at a young age, and this has become the trademark of her designs for Finchitua today. With her unique style standpoint, she served the VIP Color Forecast Panel 2017 for Al Jazeera Paints Company and VIP Color Forecast Panel 2019 for Asian Paints Berger. Ms. Mudessir is a shortlisted nominee for the prestigious Fashion Scout London 2018.