The Replicon software is known for satisfying 97% of its customers. It aims to provide options that can prevent revenue leakage and improve project visibility for its users. Founded in 1996, Replicon can be utilized to record hours, track projects, maintain approvals, and track time-off with easy-to-use features. Asana is a software that is named after a yogic pose that focuses on metamorphosing the flow of energy with a calm disposition. True to its name, Asana provides a variety of options to resolve conflicts for collaborative agile teams.  

The following is a helpful Replicon vs Asana pricing plans guide: 

Replicon Pricing Plans 

The Replicon pricing plans based on products are as follows: 

Time Bill 

This product is designed to process bills in relation to time and has two options. The Time Bill Quick Start option encompasses basics such as project and client tracking. When it comes to billing and invoicing, users will be able to process billable/non-billable selection, and simplify billing as well as invoicing too. Additionally, it is possible to create records based on hourly, daily, and monthly time spent on work. You can also specify fixed bids instead of flexible hours. Time-tracking is assisted with task durations. This option costs $60.  

The Time Bill Plus is billed for $22 and has additional advantages like specifying billing targets. You can also generate project estimates, use custom fields to add information and manage tasks as well. Time tracking is facilitated by letting you track in/out time, checking activities, receiving timesheet validation, and pre-populated timesheets as well.  

Project Time 

The Replicon software also ensures that users are able to keep up with the progress of time spent on projects. The basic Project Time subscription costs $18. This feature does not provide many tools for either billing or invoicing. However, anyone who wants to track projects can use features to calculate project estimates, track projects, check task completion, and keep up with cost normalization. 

Meanwhile, the Project Time Plus, billed for $22, also lets you track programs, set custom validation rules, and create timesheet custom fields. Other options are also added for improved reporting as users can schedule as well as share reports.  

Time Off 

Keeping up with the employees can help you ensure that the projects are assigned to the available resources and workload balance is maintained accordingly. The Time Off Plus costs $6 for a subscription and this option lets you track time off bookings by your employees and access booking validation as well. Moreover, you can track balance, accruals, payouts, and expiry as well. In addition, there are configurable approvals, which you can edit while approving, and finally, set approvals based on time off type. 

Meanwhile, the Time Off Enterprise costs $8 and has better support for the system with custom notifications, multilingual support, and custom report logos.  


The Expense Quick Start costs $3 and can be utilized for expense tracking as well as staying on top of tax codes so you comply with rules accordingly. On the other hand, Expense Plus costs $5 and the added tool includes expense custom fields.  

Asana Pricing Plans 

The Asana pricing plans support four options so teams of different sizes can use it: 


The first option is entirely free for users who are just getting started with Asana. You can manage unlimited tasks and unlimited projects through this subscription. In fact, you can improve communication as it also supports unlimited messages. It is possible to maintain quick access to important files with unlimited data storage space whereas the files cannot exceed 100MB in size.  

You can manage your projects further by creating a list view to make a manageable to-do list for the tasks required to finish a project. You can also set specific assignees for your tasks and also put due dates so that everyone is focused on delivering before the deadline.  

A Project brief is also included in this plan to give a comprehensive overview of tasks and their development.  


The second Asana pricing is called Premium and it costs $10 per month. One of the highlights of this plan is the ability to create a workflow builder to streamline tasks and automate repetitive manual tasks as well. To further enhance the way your team engages with work, it is equipped with forms to extract important details. The rules feature lets you specify how or when the projects need to be executed.  

You can even check the start date and time of the assignments to stay on top of necessary details. Task templates give you the chance to execute tasks without having to start from scratch. Meanwhile, the Milestones feature gives insight into what has been achieved and what needs to be completed in the future.  


The business subscription costs $24 for each user and it is charged on a monthly basis like the rest. Firstly, you can access Portfolios which is an option through which you can distinguish different projects from each other. The Timeline view gives you visual access to your project to help you manage dependent and unscheduled tasks.  

Managers can also balance workload by seeing how much work each employee has on their plate. The custom rules builder lets you set rules based on the specific requirements of your company. Furthermore, you can define the rules for approvals to ensure that your employees are aligned with the work.  

And lastly, this feature is integrated with some of the advanced apps like Tableau, Salesforce, and Power BI.  


If you want to maximize your team’s productivity, the enterprise subscription could also be a great choice. The enterprise option gives you centralized visibility and control over projects. The price is not mentioned on the website but interested users can generate a bespoke quote after sharing the number of users who will be using the plan.  

In a nutshell, a main difference between Replicon vs Asana pricing plans is that one is divided based on products whereas the other displays options based on the type of features included in each plan.