PDF files are the most commonly used file format because of their safety, ability to work efficiently across different OS, sodapdf and high portability. Though they are extremely versatile in their functionality, there are some situations where they lack. People who want to edit, annotate or organize their work lookout for means to manage their PDF files to make the necessary changes. Sometimes this becomes quite a hassle for users. What’s complicated is that the editing doesn’t come with good quality, and the user interface to edit PDF is not good.

UPDF by Superace Software Technologies is your one-stop solution to support reading, editing, annotating, and organizing PDF pages for free. The interface is smooth and simple, which makes it a user-friendly app. Novices can easily use it as it doesn’t involve any technical knowledge. 

Features of UPDF:

Edit PDF documents: The Editor allows you to become professionally edit PDFs. There is no need to get professionally trained to use this app. You can add or delete text according to your requirements and manage font size, style and color. The software also allows you to organize the layout and modify text alignment. You can also crop, rotate and delete pictures.

You can also view PDF in an organized manner if you want. It works exactly the way you want it to work.

The UPDF Editor works as an amazing Adobe Reader alternative and helps you assess and view your PDF files easily without hassle. So, you will have no problem using it as an effective PDF reader.

And, this is not it! There are many other features.

Annotate PDF Drive: The app allows you to find critical texts easily in your PDF files. And not just find, you can also highlight, strike and underline the parts you want. You can add text boxes and add text as comments on the PDF.

Organize your PDF files: The UPDF Editor offers an amazing experience in editing and organizing your PDF files. You can edit one or many PDF files together. It also supports batch processing, where you can organize multiple PDF files in one go. You can view PDF as per your preference.

Navigate PDF Files: To offer a seamless PDF experience, UPDF offers you the option to navigate every part and page of the PDF file easily. You can also magnify the pages if you cannot read anything. Lastly, you can also bookmark the sections you want to refer to later.

So, work like a pro and use this PDF Editor to work on PDF files simultaneously by switching pages. It makes accessing PDF files simpler. Use it for editing, reference and easily access any data you want. Share it with your colleagues and friends through email. 

Editing PDF files and viewing and reading them has never been simpler. The software is your one-stop solution for reading, deleting, adding, printing, and sharing PDFs. It works as a phenomenal solution and wipes out the negative remarks over PDFs that you cannot edit.