Joining a gay live sex room is all about having a good time, meeting new people and, why not, aiming for the orgasm of a lifetime. But many times, you’ll notice people acting rudely or talking to models in a derogatory way, something that’s often uncalled for.

Believe it or not, these people actually think it’s alright to act like this. Sure, if it’s something agreed upon in terms of a private show, talking dirty or being dominant is perfectly fine. But other than that, there’s no room for something like this.

With these thoughts in mind, here are five etiquette gay live sex rules everyone should be aware of.

Respect is everything

Your gay live sex room interaction should be like a real life interaction. In other words, you need to be respectful. Say hello and introduce yourself maybe. Ask the model how they’re doing. Avoid asking straight away if they do anal. After all, do you ask people in real life if they do anal? Exactly!

Full sentences and respect when you meet a model is like your interaction on a first date. You need to make a good impression.

Keep engaging

You’re supposed to chat and have a good time with a model, rather than just watch. It can be quite frustrating for a model to see hundreds or even thousands of people watching, without anyone saying anything.

They’ll have no clue what users like or want to see and there’s no interaction whatsoever. It’s awkward and it won’t lead to anything good. Small talk is just as important.

Tip for attention

Barking orders in a gay live sex room won’t get you anywhere, simple as that. In fact, you may even get told off. Instead, check the tip menu and offer as much as the model requests for certain actions.

Now, you want some attention as well. Based on how many users may be talking to the model simultaneously, getting some attention could be difficult.

Dropping a nice tip is one of the best ways to get attention straight away. The more you can afford, the better.

Keep a clean reputation

Like in other industries, models know each other. If you act like an idiot in a room or you mistreat one, the word will spread. Sooner or later, you’ll end up banned from more rooms. Try getting a nice and clean reputation instead.

Engage with models and interact in a pleasant manner, so they know precisely what to expect from you. Besides, the better your reputation is, the more attention you’ll get when you enter a room.

Look good

This idea for gay live sex rooms is only suitable if you engage in cam to cam chats. Use a proper webcam to turn the model on too. Make sure you’re well groomed and wear clean clothes. Simply get ready as if you were the performer.

With these thoughts in mind, your gay live sex experience on the Internet will go to another level. You’ll love the experience and the better you do it, the more fun you’ll have.