Did you know that the world’s wine grape varieties number more than 10,000? The grape types utilized, weather changes and winemaking methods are only a few of the variables that affect a wine variety’s distinctive qualities. 

Without a guide, exploring the world of wine may be like navigating through a jungle, so we’ve put together this list to provide you with some of the requirements for becoming a wine expert.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon:

The Bordeaux wine area is home to Cabernet Sauvignon, perhaps the most well-known red wine grape on this list. This grape is also widely grown in the Napa Valley and the Coonawarra wine area in Australia. These grapes often have a rich red color and mild acidity and thrive in humid climates.

However, Sauvignon Blanc mixes may age for 10 to 20 years. It can age for up to 7 years. It is a tough kind that is widely used in wine blends that comprise wide grape varieties since it can be cultivated in a wide range of settings, such as vineyards in Colorado.

  • Merlot:

Merlot is another grape first cultivated in Bordeaux; nevertheless, it is currently considered to be of lower popularity than the above. In particular, the regions of Saint-Emilion and Pomerol are two outstanding examples of where this grape may be grown. It is the grape variety that is planted the most in this area, and it has a deep blue color. It is used to a large extent for the production of its wine as well as for blending.

One advantage of Merlot grapes over Cabernet grapes is that they reach maturity around two weeks earlier. This is even though Merlot grapes are somewhat more sensitive to their surrounding environment. Because of this, people in a wide variety of areas work hard to cultivate this adaptable grape.

  • Chardonnay:

Since chardonnay is one of the easiest to get wines, it was probably your introduction to the world of white wine. With vines spanning over 1.5 million hectares, it is one of the most widely grown grapes in the world. Chardonnay also has the distinction of being the grape that is produced in the greatest number of nations and regions globally.

This versatile wine grape displays different traits depending on the area it is cultivated in, ranging from rich and luscious in Napa Valley to delicate and snappy in Pouilly-Fuisse. Most Chardonnay wines may age for 5-7 years, but some exceptional vintages can age up to 10.

  • Riesling:

If you like aromatic wines, Riesling offered on De Bortoli Wines is for you. Riesling originated in the Rhine area of Germany and is sometimes referred to as the King of White Grapes. German Riesling wine, which varies from bone-dry to sweet, is one of the most fragrant and nuanced white wines.

Cooler wine areas are excellent for growing the Riesling grape type. It is mostly cultivated in France, Germany, and a few other parts of the new world. While sweet Rieslings may mature for 20–30 years in the cellar, dry Riesling wines can age for 5–15 years.

  • Malbec:

Although Malbec grapes were first cultivated in southwest France, they are now widely recognized as Argentina’s national grape variety. Grapes grown in this region tend to be softer and have fewer tannins than those grown in France. Chile’s production of high-quality Malbec wines has expanded in recent years as a direct result of the country’s growing popularity in Argentina.

This one-of-a-kind kind of wine, known as Malbec, has a reputation for being on the drier side despite its inky black hue and hefty characteristics.


Both red and white grape varieties may be used to make wine, which is possible from a wide variety of grape kinds. They’re all over the place, quite a few of them. After reading this, you should have a better understanding of the most popular wine grapes and be more equipped to choose wines based on accurate and personal information. To reach the necessary degree of skill, a person must have both knowledge and experience in the wine industry.

The greatest way to get started on your journey to becoming a wine expert is to begin tasting as many bottles of wine as you can as soon as you possibly can. This will allow you to gain a head start.