Simple and most important right to be educated. 

 You just do not have the right to be vulgar. Forget it will not give you points in the eyes of a woman. At best, she’ll just think she’s dealing with a Gopnik. At worst, with an unbalanced pervert.

Try to cope with literacy.

 Yes, some girls are not literate either, but you still try to write correctly. After all, if one in 10 does not notice your blunders due to their illiteracy, then 9 – be sure to pay attention to it. You may not have all the commas correctly, but harsh words and words are an irreparable stain on your reputation. If your spelling is very bad, use special services to check texts. Finally, write your messages in Word, copy and paste them into the dialog box.  

A few tips If, for some reason, you can not see a photo of a girl or can not find out her age (this is more common on forums, dating sites), you can try to use the following tips: 

  • If a young lady is very inconsistent and vulnerable – most likely she is beautiful ( well or such considers).  
  • Cowardly, a little stupid, and quite naive – most likely, she is a child.  
  • If you start a topic about work, weekends, lack of free time, earnings, etc., she is already 20. 
  • If she starts talking about studying – she is either a schoolgirl or a student.  
  • If you see only photos of the person on the girl’s page, try to make it so that you see her completely.  

You can just ask for her full-length photo if you’re already close enough.  

Otherwise, you risk not seeing what you hoped for on the first date. The advice is banal, but sometimes we forget to pay attention to such little things and not get what we drew in our minds.

Let’s meet a girl.  

How to meet a girl on the Internet? Of course, on the review, they are all open to communication and dating. They have no boyfriends and are just waiting for their prince. But on the other hand, there are thousands of active users on popular sites, and they do not sit idly by.

Your task is to stand out from the twenty men who wrote to your beauty simultaneously as you. What to do: 

  1. Never write to a girl what you could write to everyone else. That is: “you are beautiful, let’s meet” will not pass. And most likely, 15 people out of 20 will write to her in this way. Look at her profile and write something unique to her. 
  2.  If the site is designed to send messages indicating the topic, always make it beautiful. 
  3.  If possible, write to girls who are “online” – so you will immediately see the result if she does not want to continue communicating.

How to learn to write a message? 

 To understand how to properly get acquainted on the Internet – you need to develop an approach. So, in order: 

  • Eliminate the girls you will train on. Choose any city and put the same on your page. You need to gain experience before writing to a girl you like, and those with whom you will communicate – will even help with advice!  
  • Then you choose 10 normal, not “fashionable”, not “scary”, but simple pretty girls “online”, – good for training.
  • You need to repeat it until 8 out of 10 girls continue the dialogue with you. Once a week is enough.

 Thanks to such training, your page will be filled with interesting girls. You can ask for advice, and you will gain confidence and can easily develop dialogue.

Your task:

  •  to work out a certain model of communication typical of you on the Internet; 
  •  learn to determine which message is appropriate for a particular type of girl;  
  • be able to develop a dialogue until its completion or goal

  It is important to have a goal to communicate with a girl. That is, set a goal and achieve it in different ways. Otherwise, you will waste time.

Everything should be perfect – 5 stages of preparation. 

 If you follow the rules, but put a good photo on your avatar and fill your page with relevant information, do not rush to relax: 

Stage №1. Hide extra albums

 If you managed to post a photo of drunkenness, leave romantic pictures with your ex-girlfriend, etc. – Hide them. You should have a perfect profile: a photo of your success at work, a shot in the company of your friends (adequate, sober …), a photo in nature, on a trip, at a concert, etc. Hide everything compromises far away – leave what characterizes you for the better.

Stage №2. clean comments 

Make it a habit to wash comments that reveal all your cards. Entries such as “Sun, it was very good yesterday” should be deleted immediately (if you do not stop at one girl).  

Stage №3. Recognize fakes

 To avoid wasting time on cheat pages, learn to recognize them. If you see that everything in the girl is too perfect or has very few photos, except for the avatar – it may be a fake. You need to take a picture of her, upload it to Google images, and see what other profiles and on which sites this image is found. If you see her on various sex sites, etc. is a fake.  

Stage №4. Find the “right” girls.

 Your task is to find the girl with whom you have something in common. According to statistics and personal experience, the usual compliments are powerless, but the common interests work very well. Join the groups of your favorite music groups, open the list of participants and look for beautiful girls there. So from the first message, you will have a topic for conversation – “she also loves the band Nirvana.” 

 The same goes for groups dedicated to your favorite movies, TV series, books, writers, places, travel, etc. If you are not interested in anything, find common interests in her. You can look for girls with the same last name as you. First, pretend that you think you are related. Then just translate it into the usual interesting communication.

Stage №5. Do not disappear.

 Be prepared that you will have to correspond with a girl for about two weeks. If you suddenly disappear for a week – everything can get out of control. So do not be too intrusive, writing to her all day. But do not get lost for long. Pause between messages, but the girl should not think you’re a brake and squeeze the answer.


Now you know exactly how to meet a girl on the Internet, what to write to her for the first time and how to be an interesting interlocutor. And remember, no rush. Communication should be easy and relaxed, comment for girls pic.Only in this way will it be able to move to a higher level and turn from simple correspondence into a meeting, and maybe grow into something more. 

 Do not give up if the first time did not manage to get acquainted with the beauty you liked. It didn’t work out this time – it will work out next time. After all, experience comes with practice. So do not be afraid. Try and achieve your goals.