The key to any successful design thinking and new product design is understanding the needs and meeting the expectations of the end users – the customers. Known to be the ‘outsiders’ in this product design industry, we often look at product design and development as one. However, we must know that these two are interlinked to some extent, but not the same. 

In simple terms, product development refers to the entire life cycle of the product, whereas, product design is only a part where the design of the product is created. To enable customer-centric design thinking for business innovation, getting a clear distinction is important.  

At Future Factory, the best product design agency in India, product and industrial designers give tremendous attention to the product design thinking process that includes the ‘user backwards’ approach. 

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What is Product Design?

From design research to creating an aesthetically pleasing product, all of it comes under product design. It talks about ideating concepts and iterative thinking about products and services that ultimately serve the purpose. The end goal of any digital product design is to make the lives of customers easier by creating easy-to-use user interfaces. 

For all the designing activities required for the product to select the required materials, Future Factory ensures that its product designing team executes it efficiently and effectively. 

To put it more coherently, product designers work along with the engineers, testing team, and marketing managers to modify the existing prototyping and deliver the final product design. 

What is Product Development?

Each business needs creative ideas for launching a new product to keep its leading position in the industry. Product development is a full life cycle that starts with product conception and ends with the introduction of new items to the market.

New products play a vital role in the industry by attracting new customers and increasing market share and business growth. To improve product development, design research should be focused on the target market to meet the demands and desires of the customers. 

It is the responsibility of the product developer to evaluate consumer feedback, competitive research, and customer data. Before creating any product,  the product developer consults with the management, product designer, and finance team, and evaluates the product designs and final prototypes before the launch of the finished product.

At Future Factory, product developers may even work on the project’s development costs and submit them for review to the project head.

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Product developers and designers collaborate with the management, support, and marketing teams to complete the product’s final launch. To deliver the best product to clients, a product must pass through several stages in the product life cycle. 

The prototypes are created by the product designer, and the organization verifies its ideas using these prototypes, hence product design is important. To further improve the product and solidify its position as the market leader, it is distributed to the target audience.

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