Olight has brought a breakthrough in the conventional characters of the regular everyday carry-EDC flashlights. It prides itself on producing the dual-light source EDC flashlight, the Arkfeld. The Olight Arkfeld flashlight is more than illumination only with a white LED and green beam pointer. 

The 1000 lumens Arkfeld flashlight is people’s choice for searching for something on the darkest side or rescuing someone during disasters. Moreover, it makes your every footstep safer on the lonesome streets at night. Olight has equipped Arkfeld with OSRAM P9 lamp beads and five-level brightness options to make your surroundings as bright as day. 

Olight Arkfeld: https://www.olightstore.com/arkfeld-limited-edition-flat-flashlight.html

With the 0.39mW green laser beam, the Arkfeld is more than an everyday carry-EDC flashlight. It helps students to present slides in their classrooms.  Moreover, it is advantageous for businessmen, wildlife explorers, and construction workers. However, feel free playing with your lovely pets using the laser green beam. 

Let’s find the applications of the Olight Arkfeld flashlight in more here.

Technical Specifications of the Olight Arkfeld EDC Flashlight:

MaterialIodized Aluminum Alloy
ColorsBlack/Blue/OD Green/Desert Tan
Output1000 Lumens
Runtime (Low)Eight Days
Through101 Meters
Length  4.33-inch/110mm
Height 0.59-inch/11mm
Weight3.07 OZ/87g (battery included)
Light Source White LED & Laser Green Beam
Brightness LevelFive-level Brightness
Power Source1050mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
Charging Magnetic Cable
Intensity2560 Candela
WarrantyAvailable for 2 Years
Best UsesCamping, Hunting, Rescuing, Searching, Presenting, Entertaining

                                                  Source: olightstore.com 

Applications of the Five-level Brightness White LED:

The Olight Arkfeld is a small-sized five-level brightness white LED with up to the 1000 lumens of maximum output. Therefore, the users can customize the focus dimension according to their demands. Here are the details of the five-brightness levels. 

Brightness ModeLumensRuntimeIntensityBeam Distance
Moon018 Days2.6 Candela3 Meters
Low1541 Hours37 Candela12 Meters
Medium601 Hour+ 50 Minutes156 Candela25 Meters
High60-300126+34 Minutes790 Candela56 Meters
Turbo300-10004+110 Minutes2560 Candela101 Meters

                                                Source: olightstore.com

With memory functions, the Olight Arkfeld can memorize the last brightness level and start with the last mode at every operation. For example, if you turn the light off on moon mode, you will find the same level on the next switch. Therefore, using the flashlight is easier and more convenient than others.

If you once press and hold the center button, the white light brightness levels will rotationally turn over in the order of moon, low, medium, high, and turbo. Press the center button twice repeatedly to start the turbo mode quickly. Thus, you can set the brightness levels for your environmental situations.

For example, turn on the high or turbo mode when you need high-intensity light to cover a longer distance, like cars’ high beam lights. Similarly, press and hold the center button to turn on the moon mode for lighter intensity, like moonlight. It lets you go washroom or read books without disturbing your roommates.

Indoor Use: Olight Arkfeld EDC flashlight is an excellent tool to use at home. You can use the high brightness level to illuminate your room during a sudden blackout. It lets you live without fear until the home power system turns on. Moreover, you feel secure staying with your kids during unexpected power outages.

Most importantly, the Arkfeld flashlight empowers you to tackle a disastrous environment on a stormy or rainy night. It helps you surveil your home surroundings to find any wrongdoings during disasters.

If you lose tiny objects like a pin in your home under the bed or sofa at narrower sides, the Arkfeld flashlight can assist you in finding them. Moreover, the magnetic tail is excellent for attaching metallic something to make them visible and available when needed.

Outdoor Use: Olight has specially designed and developed the Arkfeld flashlight for outdoor uses, including camping, hiking, hunting, rescuing, checking, and more. It is compact and convenient to carry with its ultra-slim profile and lightweight design. The flashlight weighs only 87g with (4.33lx0.98wx0.59h) dimensions. Therefore, you easily take it anywhere.

Moreover, the stainless-steel pocket clip has made the job convenient to carry the light into the jeans pocket, onto backpack lace, and inside the waistband. It is perfect for outdoor use and car maintenance with its magnetic tail. It lets you attach the light to any metal surface, like a knife or car bonnet.

Though the Olight Arkfeld is an EDC flashlight, it carries the qualities of tactical lights with an intuitive interface and multiple operational modes. You can take necessary preventive actions against sudden attacks and threats while walking on a lonely street or camping in a wild forest.

Applications of the Laser Green Beam: 

The Olight Arkfeld flashlight differs from regular flashlights with its built-in laser green beam pointer. It comes with an easier user interface to turn on. You need to turn the selector to the left to use the laser beam. Let’s get more about the features, functions, and applications of the green laser beam.

Laser TypeLaser 1
Maximum Wavelength 510-530nm
Maximum Power Output0.39mW
Light ColorGreen
Safety StandardClass 1 Safety Standard

You can make your everyday indoor or outdoor jobs easier with handy features and frequent applications of the laser green pointer. Students, teachers, engineers, construction workers, business people, explorers, pet owners, and others can ensure a smooth deal with their work with the laser pointer.

Here are the green laser pointer applications to make you smarter in your job than ever.

Pointing in Classrooms: The green laser pointer is perfect for pointing something specifically on a whiteboard, blackboard, or digital panel from afar. Therefore, in a presentation, teachers or lecturers can attract students’ attention through targeted words, lines, images, or something else.

Safer Targeting: Construction workers, engineers, wildlife explorers, rescuers, firefighters, security personnel, and more work in a sensitive and dangerous environment. Sometimes, getting close to the targeted objects becomes life-threatening. In this regard, the green laser beam helps indicate things from a safer distance.

Business Dealing: The owners of busy shops mess with many customers and can utilize the laser green pointer to help customers find their desired items on shelves. It lets salespeople demonstrate product details to customers. Therefore, they can easily attract the promising customers’ close attention.

Pet Entertainment: If you love playing with your pet, the green laser beam can be an ideal source of unlimited joy. Pets are naturally fond of jumping and catching over something. Pinpoint the laser light on the floor and move it back and forth with your cat to enjoy its targeting or jumping scenario.

Concluding Comment:

Olight has brought the innovative dual-purpose Arkfeld flashlight to make a revolutionary change in the use of EDC flashlights. The Arkfeld is different from regular lights with an excellent combination of white LED and green laser beam. It is a multipurpose flashlight for everyday use, indoor and outdoor.

The ultra-slim and lightweight design have made the flashlight compact and convenient to carry anywhere. All the applications of Arkfeld are easier and smoother with its intuitive interface and functional mode.

Therefore, the Olight Arkfeld EDC flashlight can be your true friend while staying in your home or going outside camping, hunting, hiking, walking, or something else. Thanks, Olight!