While climate change can mean snowstorms in April and other unusual weather patterns, there’s no escaping the fact that the Earth is heating up at an alarming rate of 0.32° F per decade. Put it this way, the 10 warmest years on record since 1880 have all occurred since 2005, and seven of those have all been since 2014. 

In the long term, it’s clear that we have to act to stop this dangerous trend from getting any more out of control. But in the short term, this means learning how to stay cool when the temperatures soar even more. 

From freezing your sheets to snacking on summer produce, here are some great ways to beat the heat of yet another scorching summer!

Keep the Blinds Drawn

Air conditioners have to work extra hard to cool a home that’s filled with sunlight and heat. Give your home AC unit a rest by drawing the curtains and blinds to block out this heat during the day. 

Doing this before you leave for work prevents heat from entering your home during the hottest hours. As a result, you’ll come home to a much cooler house. This means you can dial down your HVAC thermostat a few degrees to help out the environment and save money on your cooling bills to boot!

Cool Down Your Hot Zones

Your home AC unit keeps your home cool, but how can you avoid overheating when you’re out and about? One of the best ways to cool down is to apply an ice pack or icy bottle of water to your pressure points. These points can be found on your ankles, wrists, neck, temples, feet, and the backs of your knees. 

Dipping your feet in the cool water of a lake, pool, or even a public fountain is another great way to cool down fast. And this can also be helpful if your feet often swell in hot weather. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Letting yourself get dehydrated is a quick way to overheat in the summer. As well as drinking around 12 oz of water throughout the day, a great tip for how to stay hydrated is to eat lots of seasonal produce.

Fruits like watermelon and cantaloupes and veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers contain a bunch of water. Not only are these items easy to digest, but when they’re in season, they taste better than at any other time of the year. Try some of this homemade gazpacho, and try to tell us any different!

Wear Loose, Light Clothing

Dark, tight clothes are not the way to go during the hot summer months, regardless of what fashion trends dictate. In the warm weather, make sure to wear loose, breathable clothing in light shades to deflect the sunlight and heat and keep your body cool. 

Natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen are all ideal for summer, as are open, breathable shoes. And for extra sun protection and cooling, hats are a real summer lifesaver thanks to the way they provide some much-needed shade for your face. 

Play with Water

Wondering how to cool down your kids in summer and keep them entertained simultaneously? The best solution is to add water! This could mean playing with a hose in the backyard, setting up a paddling pool on the patio, or playing with water pistols at a shady local park. 

Change Your Exercise Schedule

Exercise might keep your body and mind in great shape, but exerting yourself in the summer heat can be really bad for your health. While it’s a good idea to stay active all year round, you might want to switch up your chosen form of exercise or your exercise schedule to avoid getting even hotter and sweatier during the hottest parts of the day. 

Instead of hitting the gym or going for a run before or after work, take advantage of cooler times in the very early morning or late evening instead. You might also want to scale things down by doing shorter workouts or decreasing your level of exertion. Or, how about swapping the treadmill for the pool and going swimming to stay cool and keep healthy while the temperatures are high? 

Freeze Your Sheets

It can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep during the hot summer months. But once you try this trick, you’ll never experience a night of tossing and turning ever again!

All you need to do is place your bedsheets in the freezer for half an hour before you head to bed. The coolness against your skin is more than enough to lower your temperature enough for a restful and relaxing night ahead. 

Slow Down at Peak Heat

On weekends and during your summer vacation, try to avoid heading out during the hottest part of the day. Instead, you should reserve any outdoor activities such as hitting the beach or going sightseeing for cooler summer mornings and evenings.

You might even follow the example of the Spanish and go for a siesta during the hottest part of the day. Not only does this help you avoid the oppressive midday heat, but taking an afternoon nap ensures that you have plenty of energy to last late into the night!

How to Stay Cool During the Hot Summer Months

It can feel like a constant battle to avoid getting all hot and bothered when the temperatures soar. 

But, with these tips on how to stay cool to help you, it should now be a lot easier to beat the heat this summer. 

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