Although often misunderstood, the dietary supplement cardarine (GW-501516) offers a variety of advantages for athletes. The biggest myth to bust is the idea that cardarine is NOT a SARM. 

Cardarine functions as a PPAR Receptor Agonist, targeting the PPAR pathway as opposed to androgen receptors. Cardarine does not need post-cycle therapy (PCT) because it is neither hormonal nor anabolic.

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-delta (PPAR-), in particular fatty acid absorption, transport, and -oxidation, as well as insulin production and sensitivity, regulates crucial cellular metabolic processes that contribute to energy balance (Liu et al., 2018). 

Cardarine was therefore initially investigated for use in the management and treatment of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other related conditions, but research was stopped as a result of the results of a rat study, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Does cardarine make you feel energized?

Cardarine can increase endurance, but it does not increase energy the same way a stimulant would. Any athlete, whether a sprinter, cyclist, or bodybuilder looking to reduce recovery time between sets and perform better with higher rep activity will find cardarine to be an ideal choice due to its endurance features. 

GW enhances running time and distance over vehicle-treated trained mice by 68% and 70%, respectively, after 4 weeks of exercise training (Narkar et al., 2008).

Cardine and lipids

Lipid profile: Using PEDs or making poor dietary decisions may lead to a skewed lipid profile, which we advise treating before funding any more interventions. 

Some cycle support supplements can be useful here. It has been shown that cardarine increases good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol. In a 12-week study, GW-501516 raised apoA-I by up to 6.6% and HDL cholesterol by up to 16.9% (10 mg). 

Triglycerides (-16.9%), apoB (-14.9%), free fatty acids (-19.4%), and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (-7.3%) were decreased. The exploratory study showed significant increases in the number of HDL particles (+10%; primarily medium and large HDL), while there were significant decreases in the concentrations of very low-density lipoprotein (-19%), intermediate-density lipoprotein (-52%), and LDL (-14%, primarily a reduction in small particles) (Olson et al., 2012).

Insulin sensitivity is increased by cardarine

Cardarine is a fantastic choice for both offseasons and diets because to its importance in blood sugar management. 

On the one hand, keeping insulin sensitivity high while eating a high-calorie, high-carbohydrate diet ensures that the food is being utilised and gets rid of the signs of prediabetes that heavy bodybuilders who are towards the end of a development phase can be susceptible to. 

Maintaining insulin control while on a diet will prevent fat storage and keep you full. Cardarine increases systemic glucose control, switching cellular energy utilization from glycolysis to fatty acid-oxidation, making it potentially useful in the management of diabetes in the future (Liu et al., 2018). 

We may speculate that it would be a fantastic supplement to stack with berberine (Hydrapharm Elixir is our recommended source) in order to assist control blood sugar, enhance nutrient uptake, and improve body composition. 

Elixir is a member of the group of dietary supplements known as glucose disposal agents (GDAs). A glucose disposal agent has many other benefits besides this.

Cardarine has anti-inflammatory benefits

reducing inflammation – PPAR delta agonists may have anti-inflammatory effects in certain situations, such as the kidneys. Additionally, according to preliminary study, it can minimize oxidative damage that develops naturally throughout our lifetimes. This connection is not entirely understood, though, because GW can promote inflammation in other circumstances.

Benefits of the Cardarine Diet

PPAR Delta agonists can increase fatty acid oxidation over glycolysis, suggesting that lipids are used as fuel for exercise rather than carbohydrate reserves. Considering its subsequent effects on muscular endurance and body composition, cardarine is usually referred to as a fat burner.

What benefits does the blood pressure medicine Cardarine offer?

In this article, cardarine blood pressure benefits are described. Elevated blood pressure, often known as hypertension, has been linked to stress, AAS use, and obesity. 

Inhibiting the growth of fibroblasts and pulmonary arterial vascular smooth muscle cells as well as preventing right heart hypertrophy in pulmonary arterial hypertension models in rats has been demonstrated to have potential therapeutic benefits (Mitchell and Bishop-Bailey, 2018).

Cardarine Risks and Adverse Reactions

It is commonly known that GlaxoSmithKline’s Cardarine study was halted after the test rats’ cancerous tumors appeared. This meant that no human subjects were used in any experiments. 

It is significant to note that this study had issues, including the use of a very high dose over a lengthy period of time (104 weeks) and the short life span of the rats. 

Additionally, conflicting studies on Cardarine’s efficacy as a cancer preventative demonstrate that it both inhibits and promotes carcinogenesis (Peters, Gonzalez, and Müller, 2015).

Since we may not know the risk-to-reward ratio of Cardarine for some time, some people may be discouraged by the information that is now available. Before coming to any judgments, it is advised that you read both sides of the story.


  • If you’re participating in a tested sport, check with the relevant authority before using Cardarine because certain federations forbid it.
  • Please be aware that Cardarine has not yet received UK approval as a nutritional supplement and is currently regarded as a research chemical.
  • Cardarine is an androgenic-free drug that can be used by both sexes without causing any unwanted side effects including hair loss, acne, deepening of the voice, etc.
  • advanced athletes that follow a regular diet and exercise schedule 

Instructions for administering cardine

Cardarine can be taken daily in amounts as low as 10mg. We advise starting as low as possible and staying within the range offered by the specific brand you are using for your first cycle.

When should Cardarine be taken?

Cardarine should be taken every day at the same time. If you decide to raise to 20mg, for instance, divide it between morning and night since the half-life is thought to be anywhere between 12 and 24 hours. 

You can take cardarine with or without food. The majority of the time, cardarine is introduced in conjunction with dieting, although as was already said, it offers advantages that may be advantageous year-round. 

Cardiac cycle length

This is how cardarine is cycled. When taken with SARMs like Ostarine (a common cutting stack), Cardarine is commonly taken for 6 weeks. No formal “law” governs how long it can continue on its own, though. This mostly depends on your own priorities and financial situation. 

Cardarine dosage for women

Since cardarine does not have any androgenic side effects, it is equally safe for both men and women to consume. There is no need to decrease or raise the dosage at any point for women; we advise 10mg each day for the duration of the cycle.