Rubber flooring that is installed in place is a low-maintenance playground surfacing option. It maintains its position and avoids water accumulation, creating a non-slip surface. Children and adults of all abilities may enjoy your area thanks to the accessibility and environmental friendliness of this recycled rubber flooring. Your imagination is the only constraint when it comes to pour in place rubber surfacing customization!

Its flawless synthetic surface can be customized to fit any shape, play box or design and is made of rubber crumb and a chemical binder. It is available in a wide range of colors. A solid compacted sub-base and expert installation are essential to the success of pour-in-place rubber. The product is perfect for playable landscapes and is wheelchair accessible. It also requires almost no upkeep (variations in color, patterns, and mounds within the rubber surface).

The Advantages of Affordable Playground Surfaces Surfacing

Absolutely Customizable

Many factors contribute to consumers’ love of poured-in-place surfaces. The only safety surface that can be completely personalized with any design is this one. That’s correct: everything you might imagine, from vibrant patterns and images to school logos and more, we can make a reality. Looking for a more understated atmosphere? The use of solid colors is also permissible. Even glow-in-the-dark poured-in-place surface is now an option for a fun new twist.

Long-Lasting and Maintenance-Free

Poured in situ rubber playground surfacing is highly praised for being affordable playground surfaces, maintenance-free, and completely adjustable. You won’t ever need to bother about “topping off” your poured in place surface, unlike loose-fill mulch surfaces. It is made to be incredibly resilient and keep shining even after years of exposure to harsh weather and traffic.

ADA Compatible

Rubber that has been poured in place is wheelchair accessible because it offers a stable, smooth playing surface. It works well with strollers as well. As if that weren’t enough, PIP is also incredibly hygienic and simple to clean.

What Is The Cost Of The Pour In Place Rubber Surfacing Kit?

PIP surface has a higher upfront cost than most other safety surfacing choices because of the nature of the material and the work required throughout the design and installation processes. However, our clients think it is well worth the money because it requires little care and is quite durable. Contacting us is the best approach to obtain a precise cost assessment for your PIP rubber surface. We’ll compile a unique estimate for your job and address any queries you might have.

Most Long-Lasting and Resilient Surfacing Option

The most long-lasting and resilient surfacing option is CRS Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber. PIP offers a very accessible playing surface that enables play for kids and adults of all levels. You may incorporate design features that give your recreational space more play value thanks to a wide selection of colors and installation versatility.

All around the USA, we install poured rubber flooring. It is frequently used for playgrounds and is also referred to as wet pour rubber flooring, although it can also be utilized as a safety surface in other settings.

For instance, pool decks, patios, dog parks, fitness centers, senior centers, walkways, children’s museums, garage floors, and other indoor (or outdoor) spaces requiring a cushioned, long-lasting floor can all benefit from poured-in-place rubber flooring. It’s a superior substitute for rubber mulch or wood mulch (made from shredded tires). Poured rubber flooring can be utilized in substitution of current surfacing or during construction (when the surface is being built).

Exclusively Utilize High-Quality Pour in Place Rubber Surfacing Kit

You must decide how deep the surface should be before pouring the rubber on top of it. Following our computation of that data, we ensure that you have a sturdy and level foundation for the poured rubber flooring. Concrete, asphalt, or crushed stone bases can all be used as the foundation for pour in place rubber surfacing. When building an outdoor floor, it’s crucial to get the foundation’s pitch pour in place rubber surfacing kit just perfect so that rain or snow won’t cause puddles to form. To allow for water runoff, our skilled team can excavate and add a base of properly pitched crushed stone. Your color options for the rubber surfacing itself are essentially limitless. We exclusively utilize high-quality rubber, such as EPDM, SBR, and naturals. When built correctly, the surface complies with ADA Standards for spaces that are accessible to people with disabilities and offers a nice, soft cushion to walk on.