The majority of people only file a personal injury claim once in their lifetime. Because of this, many people are unaware of how a personal injury claim will develop or how long it would take for them to get the money they are due for their injuries.

 You can expect your claim to follow this path often with the help of a personal injury attorney if you suffer a catastrophic injury. 

1. Consult a lawyer

If you suffer any kind of harm, including a traumatic brain injury, fractured bones, or damage to soft tissues, you should speak with a lawyer as quickly as you can. If you have a meeting, be prepared. Perhaps you should talk about:

1. What caused your accident

You might want to bring a statement you made about the incident soon after you were hurt. If the police were called to the scene of the accident, your attorney might also request photos of the accident scene or a police report. 

All the specifics matter because there are often multiple elements that might cause one accident. 

2. How your injuries prevent you from working

Compensation for missed time at work is often included in personal injury lawsuits. To benefit from this, you must prove how your injuries affect your ability to perform your job. 

Did you have to take significant time off work to heal from your injuries? Do you need to restrict your schedule or your job duties? Be prepared to negotiate those restrictions with your lawyer in advance.

2. Investigating the Accident

Your attorney needs to have a deep understanding of the accident in order to determine who was really at fault. While your statement is a great place to start, you may need a good amount of proof to completely reveal your accident’s case. An experienced personal injury lawyer will:

1. Collect statements from witnesses

An attorney may wish to speak with store employees who saw the slip-and-fall accident or helped you after it happened, as in the case of a slip-and-fall accident in a store. Any witnesses who came forward after a car accident may want to be contacted by the lawyer. 

Since memory fades quickly after an accident, witness accounts may become less and less clear over time—or even alter. 

3. Going to Court with Your Case

You will need to file a lawsuit if you and the insurance provider are unable to come to an arrangement. There are various stages to this.

1. The Discovery Phase

Both your lawyer and the insurance provider will have the chance to learn more details about the accident and your claim during the discovery process. 

The discovery stage often reveals aspects of the claim that were not previously known. Your attorney may vigorously pursue the information from witnesses, video evidence, or other proof about the company.

2. The Personal Injury Trial

You will have the opportunity to present your claim to the judge face-to-face at a trial, who will then have the authority to make a decision on it. You may also have your case heard by a jury in serious personal injury instances.

 After hearing from both parties involved in the case, the judge or jury will decide the victim’s compensation.


Your choices for legal action can be better understood by discussing your situation with a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney has the training, credentials, and expertise necessary to guide you through the court procedure.

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