Patients often feel uncomfortable talking about medical Cannabis with their physicians because they fear being stigmatized. If you fall into this category, you need to understand that Medical Cannabis has been legalized in about 30 states in the United States. Therefore you have the right to ask your physician about it. Especially if you are worried about the counteractive effects medical Cannabis could have when combined with your other medications. 

In some cases, you might also need to obtain a medical cannabis card from your doctor to enable you to purchase medical marijuana from some dispensary located in Missouri.

What is a Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

Before you begin your discussion with your doctor, you must understand what you’ll be getting from them. Medical Cannabis is not a medication that a physician can prescribe, but it can be recommended. If you get a recommendation from your doctor, it indicates that your doctor thinks medical Cannabis will be effective for your medical condition. Medical cannabis recommendation is constitutionally legal. And you can obtain Texas Medical Marijuana Card for yourself so that you can purchase it legally.

Choosing a Physician

Suppose you have a medical condition such as chronic pain, muscle spasm, epilepsy, cancer, or other conditions that medical marijuana can treat. In that case, you might have to suggest treatment options to your physician. Some doctors are well-versed and open to new knowledge about effective treatment techniques such as Medical Cannabis, while some physicians don’t like the idea of medical Cannabis. If your current physician can’t stand the idea of medical Cannabis, you might have to change your doctor to one who’s experienced with medical Cannabis.

If you end up changing your doctor, always endeavor to give full details of your medical condition and history. Your doctor will use your history to understand how best to treat your condition and whether or not medical Cannabis can be of help. It’s critical to know that your physician must be registered and have a certification issued by the Medical Use of Marijuana Program before they can recommend medical Cannabis for any medical condition. The program educates physicians and nurses about how many times a patient can purchase medical marijuana. 

You can ask friends and colleagues about registered and knowledgeable doctors that offer medical cannabis treatment. Also, you can search online to find a suitable doctor in your location.

Tips For discussing Medical Cannabis Treatment with Your Physician.

After choosing your doctor, you need to strategize how to communicate with your doctor effectively. The following are some tips for conversing with your doctor;

  • Be Straightforward and Honest

During your appointment with your doctor, make sure you go straight to the point and inform your physician about why you think medical Cannabis could help your health. If you’ve tried medical Cannabis in the past, don’t hesitate to inform your doctor 

  • Do Adequate Research

Before going for your appointment, endeavor to perform thorough research. Read about medical Cannabis and the conditions you can treat using it. You can gather printed copies of your findings and take them along during your appointment. When your doctor notices how much you’ve studied, they will feel compelled to enlighten you more and issue a medical cannabis card.

  • Discuss your plan

Assessing your previous treatment plans and your reactions to them will make it easy to determine your present treatment needs. For instance, if you notice that your medications are no longer effective. But you read somewhere or close relative suffering from the same ailments pointed out that medical marijuana could help. And you want to try it out for a short period. You can discuss this with your doctor. 

Importantly, always ensure to take the advice of your physician and their recommended treatment.

  • Speak with other patients

With many patients now opting for medical marijuana, finding a patient suffering from your type of condition shouldn’t be difficult. 

When you speak with these patients, you’ll learn from their experience and how to communicate your medical needs with your physician. 

After you’ve successfully communicated your needs with your doctor and your doctor approves of your idea, it means you’re one step closer to receiving approval. Your certified and registered physician will then fill out the online patient certification form and submit the form to the Medical Use Of Marijuana Program. After submission, you’ll receive a PIN required to log in and start your application. You’ll also receive an email containing instructions about how to complete your online patient application form successfully.

When you’ve filled and submitted your online patient application, you’ll be notified of your approval via your email after a period of two to three weeks. Once your card is issued to you, you can now purchase various dispensaries across Missouri. The Medical Use of Marijuana card usually lasts for 3 years before expiration and renewal.