When starting a bathroom remodelling project, the unique challenges posed by renovating bathrooms in Australia should be in mind. From dealing with tradies to finding the correct fixtures and fittings, there’s a lot to bear in mind.

In this guide, we’ve curated a checklist to help you plan your bathroom renovation with Precise Services from start to finish.

Bathroom remodelling checklist

After all the planning, it’s time to move into the meat of your list. Here are crucial elements to accomplish your bathroom renovation.

Map out details for remodelling

Mapping out the details for your remodelling project is crucial. Creating a checklist will prevent costly back jobs and unnecessary expenses on items you won’t be needing. Be sure to run an estimated cost to keep with your budget.

Research and evaluate local contractors and ask for quotations. To avoid delays, allow for about 30 percent of buffer cost for unexpected expenses incurred along the way.

Functionality first

You might be wrapped up in having a luxurious bathroom and disregard functionality. While a bathroom is something you’d want to invest heavily on, it’s crucial to consider how you use this portion of your home daily.

You should consider the appropriate placement of medicine cabinets and electrical outlets during planning. Large fixtures, toiletries, towel racks, and vanity storage will also take up a considerable amount of space in your bathroom, so discuss this with your bathroom remodeller to develop an appropriate design with your specifications.

Consider size and space

If you have a small space; your bathroom will look overcrowded if you put in a large bathtub. Discuss the plan with your contractor to prevent mishaps like these. It’s also best to discuss alternatives or find a design where functionality and aesthetics meet halfway.

Plumbing fixtures like toilets, showers, sinks, and bathtubs would take a good chunk of your budget. So, it’s best to consult your budget before finalising these items on your list.

Appropriate drainage system

You’d want to work with a licensed plumber to prevent time-consuming rework.

Your plumber will be the best person to designate proper drainage and waterproofing, especially if you want to upgrade your bathroom’s wet room and walk-in shower. A professional plumber would easily prevent water from overflowing and keep your bathroom clean and dry when you step out of a bath.

Create a budget and allocate money wisely

Your contractor will give you an estimate of the entire project. From there, you can compare prices and create a budget for your bathroom renovation. You don’t want to spend all your money on one bathroom part and neglect others needing attention.

Finding the right contractor  

Always look for tradies with insurances and references. Of course, any part of your home up for renovation would be costly. So, it’s best to spend on services that matter and look for quality work only credible and licensed professionals can deliver. You can also ask for previous work and samples to calibrate their experience and expertise. Are you looking for the latest bathroom remodeling ideas in Elk Grove? Click on the link to visit the site.


Bathroom remodelling is a great way to update your home. Although you will encounter a few hiccups along the way, working with the right people will ensure your renovation experience is desirable.