Towel shopping is a delicate matter. Certainly, you want silky, fluffy towels, and what does the term “gram count” truly mean? Or how do you understand the distinction between Turkish and Egyptian cotton, or choose from such a variety of shades and designs? Take a moment to read our helpful instructions below before throwing in the towel. Just so your search goes as simply as possible, we’ve collected and divided all you need to understand on how to select towels into five essential categories, ranging from weight and volume to manufacturing.

Determine the Dimensions 

Towels are available in a range of sizes, which you should take into account when making your decision. A regular bath towel measures 27″ by 52,” whereas a bath sheet measures 35″ x 60″. A bath sheet provides extra coverage and allows you to wrap yourself completely. Hand towels are 16″ x 30,” and square washcloths are 13″ x 13″ if you’re looking for something small.

Choose a Weight 

The density of a bath towel is calculated in grams per square meter (GSM), which ranges from 300 to 900. The thin and lightweight 300-400 gram towel is great for a workout or the kitchen. These are faster to dry than heavy towels. A medium to heavy towel with a GSM of 400-600 is ideal for the beach and may also be used as regular bath towels. Lastly, a 600-900 GSM is heavy and absorbing, making it feel particularly luxurious while also necessitating a longer drying time. We like to find the perfect blend of thick, fluffy, and absorbent towels that are still light enough just to dry quickly.

Pick Your Material

Cotton towels are commonly used in everyday situations. Bamboo fabric, on the other hand, contains longer filaments that make towels last longer and feel softer. Bamboo towels contain longer, more dense thread loops that absorb a lot of moisture and trap heat. They are more lightweight than regular towels and require less time to dry, making them popular in hotels and spas. If you want a rich, luxurious feel, a Bamboo towel is the way to go. With each wash, they become softer and fluffier. Another absorbent and long-lasting option? Yes please!

Choose between a combed or a ringspun construction

Combed cotton towels are created by combining the fibres to eliminate shorter threads and debris, leaving only the toughest and longest strands to be weaved into the bath towel. This method ensures long-term wear and minimizes pilling. Long and short threads are twisted to make a finer, thinner yarn in ringspun cotton, whereas terry fabric is woven with wider thread loops and additional yarn in terry cloth. To prevent fraying, opt for towels with ringed edges.

Choose a colour and a style. 

Consider choosing a stack of towels in a bright hue or design to bring a warmer, final touch to your bathroom. Another alternative is to fill your cabinets with seasonally appropriate hues. Fluffy white towels are the most traditional option, as they are ageless and go with any style or location.

Care Recommendations 

The greatest method to extend the life of your towels is to properly care for them. To help maintain the color, enhance absorbency, and minimize lint, rinse your towels again before reusing them. Fabric softeners should also be avoided because they might leave a deposit and cause a rigid texture. You may choose towels that offer both design and luxury to your bathroom by investing some time and effort in the selection process.

To enjoy a soft, fluffy towel that gives you a luxurious feel, we advise investing in bamboo bath towels & washcloths