When choosing a color scheme for your dream home, especially the bedroom, you should be exceedingly selective. The color of your house reflects your individuality; nevertheless, selecting and developing the proper color scheme can sometimes be a tough task for people. Colors for wall paint come in a number of hues, and it is normal to be unable to choose between the different shades available for a single color. We’ve created a list of the greatest two-color combination ideas for your bedroom walls, as well as the shades you’ll need to get the same effect, to save you time. With nerolac paints, you can give your bedroom walls the makeover that they deserve and get quality work done at reasonable rates. 

Pale Pink And Cream

Cream and pale pink are the colors of the season. A pink two color combination for bedroom walls has taken the paint market by storm. Cream and pale pink is a classic combination for bedrooms as it is warm and soothing. As an alternative to white, cream is a warmer and deeper color that achieves the desired effect of creating an inviting environment. The crisp lightness of pink contributes to the creation of the correct balance and makes your home even more appealing. Having hues like pale pink and cream on your bedroom walls is a great decision as it is a timeless option and you will not go wrong with it. Pale pink, dusty pink and baby pink are some hues that are trending in 2022. 

Light Brown And Dull Green

Bedroom paint colors do not all have to be the focal point of the room’s decor but they have the capability of giving the illusion that a space is bigger than its actuality. Dull green and brown is one such combination which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the use of these hues in your bedroom produces an earthy and natural ambiance, making your bedroom look more spacious. If you have a subtle yet outlandish style, this is one of the greatest color choices for bedroom walls for you to consider.

Lilac, Lavender And Off White

The combination of off White and Lavender as the color scheme for your bedroom will make your space more original and customized. Shades of purple are one of the most unusual color combinations for a bedroom, but they are steadily making their way to the top of everyone’s list of preferred options. Purple hues have long been used by royalty since they look rich and distinctive. These hues are well-known for their ability to create a calm and relaxing ambiance and help one to fall asleep. 

Emerald And Mauve

Mauve and emerald are a color combination that compliments each other very well and makes a space look rich. The color mauve is a deep rich color that evokes strong feelings and sentiments, while also bringing out the brilliance of emeralds, making it a lovely color combination for a bedroom setting. Since both these hues are darker colors, it is important to stay on track and not overuse either color in any space. Adding a few accent pieces in these hues will also achieve the desired effect or simply adding these as accents on walls will do the trick. 

Cobalt Blue And Pink

Cobalt, a lively, exciting variation of blue with a youthful undertone is a great color for bedroom walls. It is much warmer than the other shades of blue and goes very well with dusty or pale pink, providing a lively contrast without looking like too much. Reminiscent of the ocean, this color combination would be great for a nursery or a children’s room. 

These combinations are timeless classics that will never go out of style, so you can simply choose the one that speaks to you the most.