The cost-of-living crisis is affecting most incomes. The rising cost of bills and groceries has forced many families, couples, and single people to adjust their lifestyles to prevent missed payments and debt or protect their savings.

If you are one of the millions of people who have tightened their purse strings, you’ll be happy to learn there are many things you can do to improve your financial security. Find out how to quickly boost your income.

Sell Your Unwanted Items

Most people have items they don’t want or use sitting in drawers, cabinets, and jewelry boxes. Add more money to your bank account by selling pieces you no longer need. For instance, turn to Jewellery Buyers to receive a same-day payment for your unwanted items, such as a designer watch, ring, necklace, or bracelet. You could use the extra money to boost your savings or reduce debt to increase your financial security.

Sign Up to a Cashback Website

Don’t pay a penny more than necessary for a product or service. Top up your finances by signing up to cashback website, as you will receive a percentage of your spending when buying goods or services online.

You could send the savings straight to your bank account, but you might receive more for your money by withdrawing gift vouchers to use online. It could stretch your money much further throughout the year.

Pull Out Those Unused Gift Cards

According to a recent study, many Americans have an average of $175 in unused gift cards in their homes. Rather than allowing the money to sit inside a drawer, now might be the time to use the gift cards to save the cash in your bank account. 

If you have no reason to use a gift card at a retailer, you could always sell your gift cards online. Yes, you will likely receive a smaller amount for the card’s sum, but it could increase your finances. It’s better in your bank account than sitting inside a drawer. The money could help you pay a bill, buy more groceries, or boost your savings.

Ask for a Pay Raise

A pay raise is one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase your income. It is a fantastic tactic for combating rising inflation rates, which could take some financial pressure off your shoulders. 

It is always a little daunting asking for a pay raise, and it isn’t always a viable option for some people, but it could be an ideal solution for your circumstances. Money might be tight for businesses, but an employer might be willing to pay you a little extra to secure your talent and loyalty. Prepare a strong case for a pay raise and choose a realistic figure to improve your boss’s likelihood of saying yes.

Building a healthy income can take time, hard work, and perseverance. If the cost-of-living crisis is affecting your finances or you want to improve your financial security, the above advice could transform your cash flow or reduce your money worries.