Your home’s plumbing system can break down anytime and when the plumbing defects are left unnoticed or unattended for long, homeowners will be surprised to face costly consequences. To avoid such unfortunate events and unpleasant financial bombshells, Home Warranty Service Agreements or home warranties are created.

In the case of plumbing mishaps and malfunctions, home warranties serve as the practical solution to a homeowner’s worries. Purchasing a home warranty plan is therefore necessary so you won’t be financially burdened whenever your plumbing fixtures act up and need intensive repairs. If you really know the role that home warranties play in your life as a homeowner, you will be thankful for having one.

Nevertheless, not everyone is aware of the truth regarding a home warranty. Myths have since circulated online about the pointlessness of home warranties and it’s time to debunk those myths and expose the veracity of those claims.

Home Plumbing Warranty: Myths versus Truth

Many people tend to believe what they hear or read. Even in this modern generation, homeowners still have misconceptions about a homeowner’s warranty. Here are the myths you most likely have already heard of and the truth behind those misapprehensions:

  1. Home Warranty Service Agreements are overpriced.

One reason that people get discouraged regarding purchasing a home warranty is having the pre-conceived notion that home warranties cost too much. This is a false idea. The truth is that the prices of home warranties are very reasonable taking into consideration the fact that an average home demands repairs at least twice in a year. Basically, home warranty plans only cost around $400 to $600 annually.

  1. Home warranties have very limited coverage.

The truth is that a home warranty covers a great deal of your home’s most important features especially your appliances and plumbing systems. As a homeowner, you need to check beforehand everything that is covered by the warranty plan you have chosen to ensure that your needs are really met. You should make sure that the following are covered by your home warranty plan:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning units (HVAC)
  • Electrical wiring/Electronics
  • Appliances (i.e. oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher)
  • Inspection
  • Remodeling
  • Handyman
  1. With a home warranty, it’s okay to disregard plumbing maintenance.

Possessing a home warranty plan does not mean you will no longer take good care of your home’s plumbing system and equipment. It is true that breakdowns or malfunctions of your systems and appliances are covered by a homeowner’s warranty, but it won’t be the case if the problem is caused by the homeowner’s total negligence. Hence, you still need to observe proper home plumbing maintenance despite having a home warranty.

  1. A homeowner’s warranty and a homeowner’s insurance are the same.

Home warranties and homeowner’s insurance are two different things and hence serve two different purposes. Specifically, a home warranty is meant to cover repairs and replacements of your plumbing system and fixtures. A homeowner’s insurance, on the other hand, is designed to protect you, your house, and your possessions from any damage resulting from specific incidents like break-ins, conflagrations, typhoons, etc.

  1. The process of filing a claim is quite a hassle and time-consuming.

Filing a service request should not be a problem if you choose and coordinate with the right home warranty company. It won’t take long to process and take care of your warranty claims as long as you work with the right professionals.

  1. Home warranty companies have equal service quality.

In relation to number 5, you really have to be careful when it comes to choosing a home warranty company for not all companies provide the same quality of services. Before deciding on getting a home warranty, it is important for you to inquire and research first about the company–its business tenure, percentage of claims, track record (i.e. ratings/reviews), and customer service support. There’s a list of home warranty companies to choose from; you just have to select the one that meets your demands and expectations.

Home Warranty Service Agreements are not actually as scary as the myths project them to be. In fact, they are necessary investments. It takes some research on your part to be able to enlighten yourself about home warranties and debunk those misconceptions.