Manga is a Japanese comic book genre that encompasses Japanese cultures and traditions. It is often characterized by its intense, surreal beauty and its stories of mischievous spirits, angels, fairies, and other fantastical beings. The medium has developed over the past few decades to become one of the most popular around the world.

With a vast variety of interpretations of the style, it can be a tricky sell for new manga readers. But, with a little practice and a few tips from a few of our favorite industry pros, you can get started on the path to greater understanding, appeal, and fandom of the Japanese culture that inspired you to start reading in the first place.

What Is Manga?

Manga are popular Japanese comic books heavily influenced by Japanese culture. It is often characterized by real life scenarios with many morals and ethics. The graphic novel’s style originated in Japan with a wide variety of genres to choose from such as Fantasy, Mystery, History, Horror, Thriller, Adventure, Action, Romance, and more. It also has demographics. The popular demographics are Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo, and Josei. Famous anime series are often based on manga books.

What Are You Getting By Reading Manga?

New manga readers will often reference one of two things: the raw materials or the artistic beauty of the work. Both of these are important factors to consider when you’re reading your first comic books. When it comes to the beauty and the origins of a book, you want to know where it was written and why. This is important because it comes down to the quality of the writing, which is usually determined by the author’s knowledge of the language and the culture in which the book is set.

Manga caters to subjects that the society is going through such as oppression and poverty, are just some of those that are portrayed in manga books. It can open your eyes to a perspective that you didn’t know existed for a period of time.

Manga is also a great way to practice for a longer attention span. It’s not just for kids, it’s also appropriate to be read by adults. For those interested in Japanese culture and tradition, manga is a fun way to learn.

Start with a Jump-Start

An exciting new way to get started reading Japanese comics is by jumping-start. This means buying a book in a language that you understand and then using that as a jumping off point. For example, if you are interested in Japanese, but don’t have the time or space for a full-blown English-language course, you could always pick up one of the many weekly Japanese lessons online, which are very similar in concept to language courses.

Don’t Forget About The Language

One of the greatest things about learning a language is being able to forget about it and concentrate on what you are learning. It is one of the best things that can happen to your reading and writing skills. Learning a language makes you think differently. It makes you expand your horizons. It gives you a different perspective on the world. You are tapping into the knowledge that is already stored in your brain.

Reading manga is a great way to learn Japanese as it contains short Japanese phrases that you can take note and read on every manga. It can also be a good way to learn writing Japanese as you’ll see Japanese letters on every page.

Make Use of Your Batchmates

The best way to get started reading Japanese manga is with your favorite Batchmates. These are the people who are reading your favorite books and bringing them to life through their unique and creative language skills.

Batchmates are a great way to get a taste of the type of reading you will be doing when you are a senior in high school or college. You could always learn a little more about the culture and read some of the more popular fantasy and science fiction books, but you would never be able to put the same amount of effort into reading classics like One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Introduction to Manga Writing

The basics of how to start, create, and distribute your own magazine are familiar to anyone who has ever created a piece of marketing communications or ad copy. You need to start with a bang, and that means starting with the fundamentals.

One of the fundamentals of creating your own manga is to make use of your resources. Why not bring those unique abilities to the table and use them in your own writing? Here are a few possible applications:

  • Drawing – When you are just beginning to manage your natural growth as an artist, you can use these skills to your advantage by making use of your drawing skills. Finding a good application where you can draw is easy nowadays.
  • Writing – When you are in the process of writing your first novel, you can use your batchmates’ writing skills to populate your pages with memorable characters and a plot.
  • Find a good Online Manga Site or Publishing Company – As a startup mangaka you need to find a manga site where you spend less or spend nothing and be able to share your works with the world. Online Manga Sites such as Mangago, Mangakakalot, Reading Manga, Mangaowl, and Mangafreak are best to visit as it’s safe and secure where thousands of people visit everyday.

Manga Art and Design

The best way to get started with visual literacy is with an eye-opening book that offers up a whole new perspective on traditional art and design. You can start with Asmodee’s The Art of Manga, which is filled with beautiful, unexpected beauty. You can also check out this post on how to create beautiful covers and book headlines, which will give your work an artistic and dramatic make-over.

Final Words

The glamorous world of Manga is full of fascinating characters and fantasy wonders. The end of the world is near, and there is a great need for hope and guidance. The best way to start is with a Jump-Start and with a few simple hacks, you can get started on the path to greater understanding, appeal, and fandom of the Japanese culture that inspired you to start reading in the first place.