In the state of Uttarakhand, Nainital is one of the most stunning cities. The city is referred to as the City of Lakes because of the Naini lake, stunning mountain vistas and incredible weather. This location attracts a lot of tourists looking for peace and quiet. One is bound to become hungry after admiring its beauty and shopping. Having a variety of flavors all in one place is the best thing ever. 

An absolute experience is provided by the laid-back atmosphere, friendly staff and flavor-packed food. If you’re looking for delicious dishes that combine Indian and Continental cuisine, the list of Nainital restaurants is for you. These restaurants have a lot to offer you if you want to try Indian spices in dishes from other countries as well as relishing local cuisine.

Top 10 Restaurants to visit in Nainital – 

1. Embassy Restaurant 

Nainital’s Mall Road’s restaurants are a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. You are bound to get sucked into the buttery and rich dal Makhani at the Embassy, best known for its Indo-Chinese and North Indian cuisine. It offers you a chance to take in the views while enjoying a meal, just like the restaurant mentioned above.

There is no doubt that there are high chances of you being taken aback by the charming interiors and idyllic views of the entire Nainital valley. Situated up on the hill, you can probably have one of your most romantic meals here. The food that is served here is absolutely delicious and makes your mouth water. Despite the slightly high costs, the experience is well worth every penny!

2. Sonam Momo’s

Sonam Momos, situated in the middle of Tibetan Market Mallital, is known for its mouthwatering dishes like mutton momos and thukpa. These are considered to be the most popular Tibetan dishes. The Eastern region of Tibet is where Thukpa, a type of noodle soup, got its start. 

You can try all sorts of healthy and delicious food here. Furthermore, you can interact with the loyal foodies, who have been coming here for generations. In doing so, you can get to know more about the significance of Tibetan cuisine and culture in Nainital. 

3. Sakley’s Restaurant

Opened in 1944 in Nainital, Sakley’s is a real treat if you are very picky about where they eat their food. While dining at this restaurant you can take in the breathtaking views of the mountains. You can try a variety of soups, pizzas, sandwiches, sizzlers and burgers. Furthermore, there are beverages in both hot and cold versions. 

All of India’s and the world’s culinary traditions are represented in Nainital’s culinary scene. Authentic Fast Food has been spiced up and has a lot of flavors. In keeping with the restaurant’s name, the decor of this establishment only enhances its charm. The flavors make it well worth the money and it is easily one of Nainital’s must-visit restaurants.  

4. Sher-e-Punjab

Sher-e-Punjab is the place to go if you’re looking for authentic Punjabi food. You can also find buttery dals, tender chicken, tender paneer and a variety of breads like rotis, naans and parathas that might make you want more. You can try a variety of naans and some delectable side dishes. 

You can witness the “Desi Versions” of this location, a storytelling experience about the different cuisines and flavors served here. During your meal by Nainital Lake, you can have the opportunity to try some delicious dishes. The authentic Punjabi decor and mouthwatering food can definitely make you fall in love with the establishment.

5. Shiva Eatery

The locals and travellers alike love Shiva Eatery, one of Nainital’s best vegetarian restaurants, for its high-quality food. If you are looking for authentic and vegetarian Kumaon food with a touch of North-Indian cuisine, then it is the right pick for you. Also, Treebo Nainital hotels are the best for offering a comfortable stay after a hearty meal.

Since its inception, the only factor that has contributed to this restaurant’s success has been the provision of high-quality food at reasonable prices to its patrons. Gol gappas, some delectable chaat and a variety of other vegetarian starters are all readily available here for you to try. 

6. Udupiwala

One of the most popular places to eat in Kathgodam, Nainital Road, is Udupiwala. South Indian cuisine is the restaurant’s specialty and you can relish the many flavors of these delicacies. Situated close to the lovely Naini lake you can enjoy the picturesque view of the lake while sipping hot filter coffee and nibbling on dosas. 

The restaurant serves authentic South Indian cuisine with a slight twist of Kumaon flavors. Their bestsellers include uttapam, masala dosa, tomato rice and pondi. If you are lucky enough, you can also interact with the owners, who are more than ready to share their stories of serving in Nainital for over 3 decades. 

7. Gianis

Although Gianis in India is best known for its ice cream, it is also one of the best places to eat in Nainital for outstanding dining. This vegetarian-friendly restaurant on Mall Road is heaven for vegetarians everywhere. Check for Treebo Nainital hotels for a comfortable stay after a great meal.

The food that is served here is as good as it gets. The best thing about this restaurant is that the prices are so low and the atmosphere is so peaceful that it’s hard to resist! Dal Makhani and Handi Paneer are to die for, so you should give them a try.

8.  Cafe Chica

Cafe Chica is another of its kind, offering a chance to take in the views while enjoying a meal, just like the few restaurants mentioned above. Perhaps Nainital’s best restaurant is here. Aglio e olio and well-cooked fried fish are tasty bestsellers here. Moreover, at Cafe Chica, you can always get delicious apple pie, apple crumble and cheese croissants. 

It’s nice to order good tea or delicious coffee while watching the sunset at this quaint and quiet cafe on the hilltop. It’s perfect for people who want to eat a hearty meal in peace and quiet. A truly one-of-a-kind experience awaits guests at the cafe, which is actually housed inside a historic building. 

9. Purohit Restaurant

Purohit is the place to go if you want a restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere, good food and a cozy atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re at home. This place, in the middle of Mall Road, is a haven for vegetarians that serves delicious portions of curries and breads. 

The comfort food that is served at this restaurant on Mall Road is well known. The Thalis that this restaurant offers are its main selling point. While you’re there, don’t miss the Gujarati Thali. Try looking for Treebo Nainital hotels at the Mall Road to save time and enjoy the most.

10. Cafe De Mall 

This is a must-visit establishment if you’re hungry and strolling Mall Road. Amazing Asian cuisine can be found at this restaurant, which is close to mall road. Honey Chicken and Thai curry are two of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. 

The pastries are simply delectable and irresistible. Nainital is a destination with some of the most beautiful views and the most peaceful atmosphere. The Cafe De Mall is one such restaurant that lets you enjoy delicious food while taking in the bizarre surroundings. This cafe has outdoor seating for customers and is right next to the Nainital Lake. 

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The restaurants in Nainital are a great illustration of how to serve a variety of cuisines in one location. These Nainital restaurants are a must-visit for foodies who enjoy trying new flavors and preparation methods. 


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