South African cricket is in major crisis after the suspension of the country’s cricket council,. Cricket South Africa was suspended by the Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee. A government body overlooking the broader sports in the country. This means that Cricket South Africa has ceased its daily activities and casts doubt on the future of the international cricket team. The rules of the International Cricket Council (ICC) prohibit government interference. This could mean that the participation of the national team in international tournaments could be endangered.

The latest development comes amid several fatal blows to the cricket administration in the country: Racism issue, paylines and corruption charges.

South Africa Cricket in trouble as its national government takes over CSA

“The board of directors of the ASC and the senior executives who sit ex officio on the board of directors (company secretary, interim managing director. Head of the working group”,. Letters from the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC).

SASCOC alleged that several instances of maladministration and professional misconduct.. Since at least December 2019 have caused “great concern and consternation” among many stakeholders,. Including former and current members of the national team, sponsors and the cricket-loving public.

The SASCOC is a special body which deals with relations between the government and the sports federations,. And is vested with the power of the ASC under the command of the national government.

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SASCOC’s decision, taken at a meeting on Tuesday, was adopted unanimously. But it has also endangered the status of international cricket in South Africa, as ICC rules prevent direct government interference in the management of a country’s cricket bodies.

If South Africa is left out of international cricket.. It would be the second country to face such ignominy in recent history after neighboring Zimbabwe.

In fact, South Africa will also become the first country to be banned from international cricket for the second time. The country was banned from playing any international sport between 1970 and 1990 due to the apartheid policy practiced by the Afrikaner-led government.