When Samsung released the original Galaxy Fold last year, other companies quickly followed suit. Motorola quickly followed with its rebooted Razr, while Microsoft took a little longer to show off its Duo foldable phone. Now it looks like Apple is tinkering with a foldable iPhone.

Apple is in the process of designing an iPhone with a foldable screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, according to the “IceUniverse” leaker. The post was posted on the Chinese social network Weibo and roughly translates to: “Apple asked Samsung Display to provide a large sample of foldable phone screens and was hoping to come up with an exclusive deal in the amount of one. It looks like it will be turned on. “

Apple Might work on building many Foldable iPhone prototypes

Rumors of a foldable Apple device have multiplied as the rest of the mobile industry introduces foldable devices. Patents on the foldable iPhone showed what the final product could look like, with notifications on an external display and a fold open to reveal an iPad-like device.

Samsung has been rumored to be shipping samples of its foldable screen technology to other phone makers for some time – in the hopes that other companies will order the technology for their own devices. This new order could indicate that Apple is testing more technologies and foldable devices. This is the crucial and necessary step before a foldable iPhone hits the stores.

Considering the rather extreme thickness of current foldable gadgets,. Apple designers might be concerned that a flexible screen iPhone might not live up to customer expectations. Which makes a foldable Apple device better suited for the iPad range. But who knows! Apple could create a new family of devices positioned between the iPhone and the iPad. That would make a lot of sense given the still somewhat experimental nature of foldable display technology.

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Apple is constantly researching future devices and building prototypes for machines that may never see the light of day. Considering current rumors, the foldable iPhone is probably the least considered. Any shipping device can be years away.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to say when a foldable Apple gadget might arrive. It’s clear it won’t be this year, and while 2022 is probably the safest bet, with Ice Universe claiming that Apple could potentially sign a one-year supply contract soon, 2021 isn’t everything. fact out of the question.