DEGIRO review & ervaringen 2022 - Lees DIT voor u begint!

DEGIRO is one of the best paper trading platform. With more than 2 million members and a presence in 18 European countries, it has remained one of the industry’s standards since that time.

They assert that their system is open and offers the best commissions available. It is a broker authorized, governed, and overseen by authorities in the Netherlands.

DEGIRO is what type of a broker?

You can trade all different kinds of securities on the DEGIRO platform, including stocks, funds, Futures, CFDs, warrants, bonds, and derivatives’ key selling point is that you can invest in many securities for very little money because of their low commissions.

Who should use DEGIRO?

DEGIRO is the best paper trading platform offers various instruments that may be traded in numerous markets. It is perfect for beginners and professionals dealing with very low commissions across many marketplaces because you can trade with or without leverage.

But DEGIRO is different from the broker if you want to trade forex or bitcoins using Derivatives. Check out Plus500 or eToro instead; availability is subject to regulation.

DEGIRO commissions

DEGIRO has extremely cheap fees, which is usually a plus for investors. DEGIRO does not charge fees for opening new accounts, cancelling existing ones, or making deposits or withdrawals.

Types of Account

Demo account

Unfortunately, DEGIRO does not currently provide a demo account. This is unusual for such a significant broker. However, the absence of a minimum deposit can make up for it. This indicates that after completing the account verification, you may start at a very low-risk level of just $0.01.

Basic Account

The DEGIRO Basic account is comparable to the broker’s common account type. With this type of account, you can trade all of the broker’s assets, including stocks, commodities, ETFs, and more.

Custody Account

It’s important to note that, about this account type, new clients are no longer able to open custodial accounts, even though they continue to function normally for those who already hold them.

Although the Custody Account and a standard account are comparable, there are several significant differences. Your assets will be kept apart from the lending pool of other securities, which is the main difference. This indicates that the broker will never lend them out, a standard practice among share trading brokers. Although this is entirely secure, you should know that you cannot utilize leverage or trade derivatives with a custody account.

Although this is entirely secure, you should be informed that you cannot use leverage or trade derivatives with a custody account. Additionally, this account type cannot be altered. However, you can move your positions to a different account type for a fee. Even though the terms are a little different, this account type still has many exactly low charges.

Active Account

The same services offered with the primary account are also available when you open a DEGIRO Active account. The distinction is that you can leverage up to 50% of your available amount with this account type.

There is no associated charge and the minimum trading requirement to make the transition because this account type is more of a change in the capabilities available on your account than an upgrade. You can trade derivatives such as contracts, options, and others with this account type.

Trader Account

With all of the same capabilities as the primary account, the Trader account is an additional step up. The additional feature that sets this account apart from others is the ability to use 100% of your available margin as leverage and trade derivatives.

Unlike with the other accounts, there are no additional costs or particular conditions for making this move.

Day Trader Account

Only more experienced traders should operate a day trader account because this account type enables you to trade all of the available assets more actively while the markets open. This account type has restrictions and limitations between 7:00 and 20:30 UK time. Compared to other DEGIRO account types, this account type’s risk is measured differently.


You can trade a wide range of assets, marketplaces, and platforms using DEGIRO.Bitcoins and FX trading are a few of the services you can lose out on because they are not offered by this Dutch broker.