The digital era demands everything at a fast pace, especially the internet. Why should not it be when everything is totally dependent on the internet. From dawn to dusk, our eyes are occupied with screens and lives connected to the internet. Be it streaming, freelancing, gaming, browsing, or socializing, the internet is the lifeblood of every age group including teens, adults, grownups, and even toddlers. 

As long as the internet is working properly, we don’t feel bad about anything about it. But as soon as the internet acts up, we find ourselves completely blank. Trying to find a solution to get back the speed and internet connection working seamlessly is the only goal we want to achieve until it gets backs to normal.

Sometimes no matter, how hard you try, you can’t fix the problem. It might be due to having a connection from an internet service provider that is not delivering optimal service. For this, you can trust Spectrum for all your internet activities. The benefit of depending on Spectrum internet is that you don’t have to worry about data caps. Moreover, the customer support is optimal and if you have any concerns or questions in Spanish, you can directly approach spectrum servicio al cliente.

Even if you are still facing problems with your internet, you can try these steps to fix the issue. Let’s take a look into it. 

Check your Data Cap

When it comes to slow internet speeds, the biggest culprit is the data cap often placed by service providers. As soon as you reach a certain amount of data, the speed starts to throttle and you will feel the consequences. 

With the growing number of internet users every day, it is advisable to find an internet service like Spectrum to avoid such problems in the future. In the home where everyone is involved in streaming, gaming, and downloading, having an unlimited data cap is a must  

Restart Your Router Often 

If you are facing trouble while browsing and streaming the internet, make sure to give your router a break. Restarting your router often will not only give it some rest but also help in restoring the connection back to normal. If you are using a router along with a modem, make sure to reset it too. By resetting the modem, you will be able to restore your connection back to normal without doing much effort. Some of the modern routers offered in the market allow you to set a timer according to your preferences. You can set this timer so that router can restart automatically in the given time. 

Relocate your router

When surfing, gaming, downloading, or streaming online far from your router will probably disrupt the signals. To get an idea of how well your signals are, make sure to check the WiFi connection on your device. The stronger the signals, the better the prominence. 

However, if you are finding weak signals in almost every part of the house, make sure to relocate your router. The router should be placed in the center of your house and there are no obstacles such as cabinets, walls, and any other similar thing. 

Try Connecting to the Ethernet 

Every internet user depends on WiFi signals to ensure seamless connectivity without tangling in wires. However, sometimes your router may not be working as desired. If you are working remotely or have to deliver the project to a client on Fiverr, you don’t need to worry because the Ethernet cable is going to solve the problem by directly connecting your laptop to it. You will find a huge difference in your speed. Some of the devices you can connect to the Ethernet are PlayStation, laptops, gaming consoles, and many more. 

Buy a WiFi Extender 

WiFi internet is all about signals, and if you are living in a big house, you will find many dead spots in your home. This could be resolved by buying a WiFi extender and connecting it to your router or as per its requirements. 

Normally WiFi extenders cost anywhere between $50 to $100. If you want to save some money, make sure to check on Amazon and Best Buy. 

Install Antivirus 

Installing an antivirus could also help you in improving your internet speed. It is recommended to go for a paid antivirus software to help you stay away from dangerous malware and viruses. Viruses and malware usually disrupt your system’s functions, leading it to slower speeds. Make sure frequently scan for viruses to avoid any problems.

Contact Customer Service 

Even after trying the aforementioned steps, if you are still facing speed problems, it is now time to call customer support. Make sure to get a piece of paper and pen and write down all the things you have to say to customer support about internet speed problems. Once you do this, you will be comfortable speaking to a customer support representative. Don’t be rude and try to use polite language. 

Summing Up 

When it comes to internet speed, we cannot think of anything bad happening. The aforementioned tips are great for every user, whether a newbie or a pro. All of the tips are stated by keeping everyone’s technical expertise so that problems can be resolved without disruption.