Sports betting is not just about soccer or hockey, we live in a time now where even competing in video games can be considered to be a sport, and this sport is known as E-sports. Of course, with sports there will also follow betting, players love to predict the outcome of a match using analytical skills and past experience, so why not put this prediction ability to use to earn real hard cash through E-sports betting?

Maxim88 online casino E-sports betting platform

At Maxim88 online casino Malaysia, E-sports are similar to conventional sports in that followers follow teams, watch matches, and place wagers on who will win. The betting platform offered by Maxim88 has all the features you need. Here, E-sports are live-streamed, and millions of spectators from across the world watch competitions at any given moment, resulting in esports being a billion-dollar business in recent years. There are two primary sorts of esports: simulations of real-world sports (FIFA, NBA, and MLS all have their own esports teams, for instance) and traditional esports games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

How does E-sports betting work at Maxim88?

Although it is possible to wager before an esports event, live wagering during the game has grown quite popular using the Maxim88 online casino E-sports betting platform. The Maxim88 online betting platform allows real-money and fixed-odds wagering  Some esports wagers are exclusive to a given game, such as CSGO, League of Legends, and DOTA2. For instance, a wager might be placed on who would score the ‘first kill’ in a given match. Odd/Even wagers predict whether there will be an even or odd number of games won, players eliminated, or rounds played. And Over/Under wagers, in which you wager on whether an esports team will score more or less points than a predetermined total provided by the Maxim88 team.

Claim 20% Daily Reload Bonus with Maxim88

One thing that has always managed to catch the attention of online casino fans in Malaysia is the promotions offered by Maxim88 online casino. This online casino offers great welcome bonuses and special deposit bonuses which will award a ton of free credits and bonus funds with minimum turnover requirements to their members. The highlight today is their 20% daily reload bonus which is applicable to all forms of content available at their site, including E-sports betting. Just by meeting the minimum deposit requirement, bettors that use the Maxim88 online casino platform can receive 20% cashback with only 18x turnover requirement. Maximum bonus funds that players can receive daily from this promotion is up to 300 MYR.  Click here to get more information about 20% daily reload bonus. This promotion is only applicable to users that own a Maxim88 online casino account, so sign up right away if you are interested.

Signing up with Maxim88 online casino

Registration at Maxim88 online casino is simple, fast, and convenient. Here is what a new participant must do, the first step is to find the Join Now button available at the top right corner of the online casino site and click it. This will open a form requesting login and contact details such as username, password, complete name, and phone number. A player will also be required to pick their chosen currency and Telegram, WeChat, and WhatsApp account details. To complete the registration procedure, the new player must read and accept the casino’s rules and declare that you are at least 18 years old. Then, click “Join Now” again to create a new account. With a Maxim88 account now available, players will get to enjoy all sorts of online casino content available at the Maxim88 platform, including online slot games, live casino games, fishing games, raffle draw events, not to mention the abundance of juicy promotions just waiting to be claimed at Maxim88. 

Is Maxim88 trusted?

First, the Maxim88 online betting platform is a trusted place on the internet as they have a genuine gaming license, and all of their operations are rigorously regulated by reputable regulators both in Malaysia and worldwide. Second, Maxim88 is an online casino brand that only employs a stringent player authentication procedure to ensure that only the account holder receives withdrawals. This procedure guarantees that our players’ identities and withdrawals are protected. Thirdly, it also helps to know that the Maxim88 online betting platform owns an SSL certificate, a type of online identity card that informs our clients that the betting platform that they run is completely  safe. This certificate encrypts all data flowing to and from the online casino, protecting it from prying eyes.

Need help?

The customer assistance and service at Maxim88 online casino  is the most trustworthy in Malaysia. The personnel are really informed and pleasant. They have specialized training to assist gamers in finding answers to their challenges regarding online games, sign up procedure, promotion details and questions about their sportsbook service. 


Maxim88 is an excellent online gaming site that provides Malaysian gamers with a variety of amusement options. Slots enthusiasts are blessed for choice with enticing themes from a variety of software developers. Additionally, the live casino platform does not disappoint. The casino’s generosity is astounding, given the number of gifts and promotions they provide, the 20% Daily Reload bonus is the highlight here as it provides up to 300 MYR cashback daily for all Maxim88 online platform users. All in all, Maxim88 is the greatest online casino in Malaysia and a superior option to other lesser online casinos, simply because this platform, in addition to their quality online sportsbook service which covers both traditional sports and E-sports, provides the widest selection of games in Malaysia, the most profitable free credits and promotions, highly dependable customer support via live chat and messaging services, and a very exciting mobile gaming platform.