Summer is the best season to explore, and nothing beats spending time in the ocean or the nearby park. Playing in the water, whether in the sea, lake, creek, community pool, backyard tub, or even a waterpark, can help children grow and develop in a few important ways.

Waterplay may include the small games that kids play while bathing or even when they choose to try the experience of waterslides in a park. This post is all about the benefits of such games for children.

It may sound a little surprising due to the usual suggestion of not letting kids play on rides in waterparks. However, many people still don’t know that waterpark rides, such as waterslides, can be of several types. It means people of various ages can enjoy themselves when they choose water rides intended for their age.

What are the benefits of water play for children?

Going through these points may change your perspective about letting your child enjoy waterslides from now on:

Improves strength and balance

Water play can boost children’s balance and strength, even if it appears that they are only splashing around. Playing in the water is like playing in a fresh new playground, where even the most basic acts, such as clapping your hands or leaping, are transformed into an entirely new sensory experience.

Children can play without fear of falling or colliding with hard surfaces.Because water adds resistance, water play activities can also be used as strength training. Moving arms and legs through water require more muscle strength than pushing them through the air.


Swimming improves coordination while strengthening muscles and motor skills. Kicking techniques engage the core and help toddlers move through the water with both sides of their bodies coordinated. Children acquire coordination when they swim, dance, throw things, or practice any movement in the water.

Better social interaction and general communication skills

Children can explore and interact with one another while playing in the water. Within shared areas, new experiences and learning new things provide an excellent opportunity for social development. Children will be eager to share their discoveries with those around them while playing.

This is a great way to build a child’s self-esteem! Because water play often takes place in a small location with limited materials, children learn to share and collaborate while having fun. During water play, there are several opportunities for communication and social development.

Improves learning and exploration skills

Water bodies provide an almost limitless number of opportunities for physical investigations and discoveries. For example, children may have already studied wood, soil, sand, rocks, and other dry objects. But what happens if you mix, sift, or drop these substances in water?

While exploring in a body of water, children can also ponder concepts like water displacement and volume. In addition, water supports a variety of life forms, including fish and frogs, so having fun in the water can also lead to new biological adventures!


Water play is a pleasant summer pastime that allows kids to learn various necessary skills. However, it is crucial to remember that youngsters should never be left alone near or in water. Allowing children to play with non-CPSC authorized toys is not a good idea, and flotation devices should not be relied on entirely to support a youngster who cannot swim.