The video gaming industry is just like any other. It’s got too big to fail, but this doesn’t mean that some companies would not be going under. The recent string of M&As that started with Microsoft announcing the surprise acquisition of Activision Blizzard has now been followed up with the acquisition of Bungie by Sony.

There is a lot of movement in the gaming industry and if there is one key takeaway here, that is that we are about to see a lot more quality video games played competitively. Both Sony and Microsoft care about their games and the majority of Blizzard’s titles are already featured at as some of the most bet on and watched games. Let’s take a closer look at the industry as it will change in future. 

M&As Are Opportunities for New Beginnings

Let’s face it – Blizzard has performed less than ideal in recent months. The company was besieged by many problems and most of them were self-made. Consistent failure to deliver good new content has definitely rubbed on fans, and then came the legal troubles.

Nevertheless, the Blizzard franchises have been immortalized in the collective memory of gamers and if there is one other thing that makes them so powerful (and safe), that’s the fact that all of Blizzard’s games are esports titles today. Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Warcraft, StarCraft, and Overwatch are some of the best esports games that you will ever find anywhere out there.

Players are very welcome to explore these games and have an enjoyable stay as they go along. Not only that, but they will be very welcome to participate in the various competitions that still run. So, do we really need a fresh beginning? Probably yes!

Esports is varied and appeal to different people. With Microsoft stepping in the driving seat, there is a very big chance that StarCraft II and Warcraft III Reforged could make a comeback still. As one gamer put it, “Blizzard will now at least release games when they have been finished.”

This barb may be a little incentive at first glance, but it’s the truth. Blizzard really dropped the ball on Warcraft III Reforged, effectively diminishing the game’s chances to return. Diablo, another fantastic game, got a really nice treatment, but it’s not as much of an esports. 

Will M&As Impact Existing Franchises?

Of course, to the hardcore base of fans out there, seeing Microsoft or PlayStation completely upend a franchise and change it would be hurtful, but the good news is that this is very unlikely to happen. The legacy of Blizzard games lives on with such vividness that anyone trying to “fix” things would end up kicking them down a hill.

However, M&As can muster a lot of energy and channel a lot of talent into creating even better communities and games that will admittedly bring everyone joy. Players are welcome to have a blast in their beloved games, but knowing that there are many smart people working behind the curtains to make these games even more worthwhile is definitely a reward in itself and precisely what will drive fans to come back for more of their favorite franchises.

So far as esports go, they are also set to benefit. After all, can you imagine Warcraft 3: Reforged not really getting tossed aside and released in a hurry? It could have been a complete return for the Warcraft 3 and real-time strategy community. Blizzard has probably learnt their lessons, but it’s now Microsoft driving in the front seat. Let’s hope they know what they are doing.