What Is Hedera (HBAR)?

Using hashgraph technology, Hedera is a public network and governing body that aims to meet the many needs of mainstream markets. The term “hashgraph” refers to a consensus process that effectively and creatively offers a safe, equitable, and quick data structure.

Hedera has a unique architecture compared to other blockchains. Fair transaction ordering with consensus timestamps, cheap, predictable fees, high throughput with quick finality, and a solid codebase that guarantees scalability and dependability at every layer of its network infrastructure are all features of this system. The top organizations in the world responsibly govern Hedera to maintain the network’s resistance to collusion.

What is the Price of HBAR Tokens?

HBAR has a circulating supply of 26,051,470,159 HBAR coins and a max. supply of 50,000,000,000 HBAR coins. And the highest price paid for Hedera (HBAR) is $0.569229, which was recorded on Sep 15, 2021. At the time of writing, HBAR market cap is 2,113,587,181. The current HBAR price is $0.08 per coin. The 24-hour trading volume for the coin is $164,869,090.

Where You Can Buy HBAR?

You can use the MEXC Global search bar to search for “HBAR” to view available trading pairs.

And you can also find a detailed guide on how to buy HBAR token.

What are Hedera(HBAR)’s token services?

On the open Hedera network, native fungible and non-fungible tokens can be configured, managed, and transferred using the Hedera Token Service.

  • Payments-The ability to embrace the disruption of public DLTs for payments in a safe, legal, and effective way is provided by Hedera Token Service. Set up your own stablecoin or cryptocurrency to accept payments in real time and at a reasonable price.
  • Financial services-The definitions of ownership and value exchange are altered by tokenized assets. The minting, maintenance, and transfer of fungible and non-fungible assets that stand in for tangible or intangible things are made possible by the Hedera Token Service.
  • Supply chain-Track products across a supply chain and confirm the legitimacy of real or digital goods. The Hedera Token Service is used to natively configure, issue, and manage non-fungible tokens.
  • Energy & sustainability-Business sustainability and societal impact are more important than ever. Companies may achieve their sustainability objectives thanks to Hedera Token Service, which allows cost savings and improved platform and marketplace efficiencies for renewable energy credits (REC).

HBAR is a Hedera native coin that uses little energy and performs two specialized tasks for the network:

  • Network fuel- HBARs are used by developers to pay for network services such hbar transfers, the creation of fungible and non-fungible tokens, the use of smart contracts, and data recording. Hbars are used to pay fees that reimburse validator nodes for bandwidth, compute, and storage for each transaction sent to the network.
  • Network protection- A public, open source proof-of-stake network is Hedera. Hbars have a weighted influence on consensus for transaction validity when staked to network nodes.

A bad actor would need to acquire and stake more than one-third of the network’s total supply of HBAR in order to deliberately alter consensus thanks to weighted voting, which makes it difficult and expensive for them to do so.

Why tokenize with Hedera(HBAR)?

  • Programmable-the Hedera Token Service enables the deployment of both fungible and non-fungible tokens with native programmability, including atomic swaps and scheduled transactions, allowing on-chain functionality that is as effective as hashgraph.
  • Native tokens-the Hedera Token Service only issues native Hedera tokens. They use the same level of efficiency, security, and performance as hbar.
  • Low,predictable fees-on the Hedera public network, Hedera Token Service offers cheap and predictable transaction fees; it costs less than one cent to transfer any amount of a tokenized asset.
  • Configurable compliance- the ability to address compliance requirements, such as KYC verification and freeze, token supply management, transfer, and more, is provided through key and token setups at the account level.
  • Enterprise governance-Network stability, decentralized decision-making, and a no-fork promise are all guaranteed by Hedera’s decentralized governing body of international organizations.
  • Security audit- FP Complete has conducted independent third-party audits of the Hedera Token Service and the Hedera ledger application.