If you want to add more value and livability to your home, then look up.

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. It’s your first line of defense against rain, ice, falling trees, and the like, but it also presents a lot of opportunities for growth.

In this post, we’re going to talk about three of the best roof additions that can update your home, make it more functional, and give it a great new look. If you want to invest in your home, then keep reading and learn why the roof is the best place to start.

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1. Let Light in the Attic with Dormer Windows

Dormer windows are a great addition to any sloped roof because they can take a cramped, stuffy attic space and make it more usable. They’re a framed structure that sits vertically and comes out of the main roof with a smaller roof on its top.

There are various dormer window styles, all of which help to let more light into your attic space. They’re also great for airflow, which can be helpful for preserving your roof because moisture won’t have a place to gestate and turn into mold.

In addition, they’re attractive and can increase the amount of usable space in your attic. All of this combines to boost the value of your home in the long run.

If you’re going to go with a dormer window, you need to deal with these contractors. It can be a complicated build that only a trained professional should undertake.

2. Cozy Up Your Living Room with A Fireplace

If you’ve always wanted to have a fireplace in your living room, you might consider a chimney installation on your roof. The smoke needs somewhere to go when you’re burning logs, so you need a chimney if you’re going to go this route.

There are many perks of having a fireplace in the home. It adds a pleasing aesthetic to any living space, but it also brings warmth and coziness that is perfect for small family homes. Home buyers love fireplaces, so it’ll bring a bit of extra value to your house as well.

Fireplace and chimney installation is another complicated endeavor, as you essentially have to transform the center of your home. That said, it’s something you can enjoy every day, especially in the winter months.

3. Brighten Things Up with Skylights

There’s no denying the benefit of a well-placed skylight on your roof. They help to brighten whatever room they’re above with natural light.

Having skylights can help to decrease the number of artificial lights you keep on, in addition to heating your home. This will help to lower your energy bill and carbon footprint.

Installing a skylight is easiest when you’re replacing your roof, but they can be added to existing roofs as well. You’ll need to discuss the logistics with your contractor before committing to anything, however.

Roof Additions Give Your Home New Life

All three of these roof additions will give your home new life while you live there and boost the value should you decide to sell. So many homeowners neglect their roof when making additions, but as you can see, putting an addition on your roof is clearly the way to go.

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