How Much Does It Cost To Develop Transportation App

Once an idea of empowering your transportation business with a specialized application crossed your mind, it might have got you puzzled “How much does it cost?” Well, it’s a rational question since predicting the expenses is about a result-focused approach.

It’s hard to get a precise cost of a transportation app development since prices сan land to $20,000-$40,000 or skyrocket up to $150,000.

Wonder how to get more precise calculations? Below we have prepared valuable insights into the benefits of transportation app development and what aspects have a direct influence on price formation.

Benefits Of Transportation App Development

Before start investing in transportation app development, it would be prudent to figure out if the game is worth the candles. We have prepared a list of reasons why transportation app development is a worthy investment and what value it adds to your business.

Tracking The Vehicle Location

For the transportation business, GPS is a blessing. This feature is now a must in transportation and logistics app development to ease shipment monitoring. It uses mobile and satellite data to track the movement of vehicles in real time in almost any area.

Eliminated Paperwork

Things get easier with automated paperwork. Electronic databases and online data exchange make it simple to accept payments, issue receipts, and maintain a budget.

Streamline Fleet Management

The more cars the company has, the more difficult it is to maintain and manage them properly. The transportation app development allows improving vehicle maintenance and expanding services to transport goods. This is done by allowing an application to gather information regarding the truck fleet, the technical condition, operating time, and the next maintenance schedule.

Reduces Time And Delivery Costs

Transportation app development is a great way to make transportation faster and cheaper thereby increasing your company’s competitive advantage. The transportation app predicts the fuel expenses automatically, creates the most efficient route and reduces empty miles.

Comfortable Online Booking

Transportation apps can allow customers to order delivery online with zero headaches. This is how your company retains a loyal user base, gets more delivery orders, and gets empowered by growth opportunities.

Driver Information Availability

Another thing you will appreciate about transportation app development is the availability of drivers’ profiles. The app can contain an extensive database of employees including their working hours, schedule, and even whether they got any fines.

Factors That Included In The Development Price

Calculation of the ultimate cost of transportation app development relies on multiple aspects. Starting from the origin of creators to the functionality level, each application would have a different price. Let’s take a detailed look at factors that affect your final expenses.

Backend And Frontend Development

Backend and frontend development processes play a pivotal role in the calculations of the final price. It all depends on your choice of frameworks, design, tools, and implemented features.

You can either opt for Microservices or Monolithic. Frameworks that employ Microservices are usually more expensive but yet are more efficacious in the development of highly-scalable applications.

Tech Stack

Speaking of a tech stack, hiring professionals to work with programming languages like R, Swift, and Golang is quite expensive. Nevertheless, they have enough libraries and frameworks to ensure a smooth development process.

Platform Choice

A platform in which the app will be released is a great contributor to the final price of transportation app development. Would it be an iOS or Android application? Or maybe you want it to run on both operational systems? Think it over in advance.

Transportation app development for both platforms separately is more expensive than the development of a cross-platform application right from the start.

Location Of The Company

It’s not a secret that developers’ rates get higher as you move from East to West. Hiring programmers from Eastern Europe and Ukraine, in particular, will cost almost three times lower ($70-130 hourly rate in the US to $30-50 in Ukraine). Other Eastern European countries with competitive and highly developed IT markets are Poland, Belarus, and Romania. The Asian IT market, in its turn, is home to gems from Vietnam, India, and the Philippines.

Transportation App Development Company Rexsoft

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