There are so many components of supply chains that must be monitored at once. The chaos of logistics management can make it hard to streamline operations and keep everyone informed on the current status of shipments and deliveries if modern transportation management software is not utilized.

Here is a list of the top benefits you can expect to gain by putting a reliable TMS to use.

Major Cost Savings

From transportation expenses to costs of damaged deliveries, there are numerous expenses associated with each shipment. TMS helps relieve a great deal of the financial burden that supply chain professionals have to pay otherwise. 

For example, with a modern TMS’s ability to enable real-time visibility for all employees across your team, there is a lesser chance of a delivery going wrong. Therefore, the costs involved in compensating for the failed order are eliminated.

Real-Time Delivery Tracking

One of the biggest goals of any supply chain company is to ensure real-time delivery tracking not only for their customers but also for the internal team. The ability to see where each and every shipment is at a certain point in time allows for peace of mind. Check calls are reduced as well as customer complaints and inquiries, enabling your team to focus on other more important matters.

Another benefit of real-time tracking is that you can step in as soon as you see something go wrong before the situation worsens.

Improved Customer Service

We talked about how visibility improves the customer experience by informing your clients where their delivery is. But you can also help your customers by better addressing their concerns and questions if you yourself are more knowledgeable about their orders. This can allow for customer inquiries to be handled faster and more effectively.

Faster Warehouse Operations

A major improvement in operations does not have to start from the road. With TMS, you can gain benefits right from the warehouse. As many warehousing activities involve inventory tracking and management, data analytics, and the movement of goods, your TMS can help speed up these operations. A good TMS will have real-time inventory tracking as it enters and leaves the warehouse, so your team can be informed about any potential over or undersupply to plan accordingly. Now, you can incorporate more predictive planning to better fulfill orders.

Increased Overall Efficiency

It’s no secret that TMS allows you to increase efficiency levels across your supply chain. By streamlining your most important daily processes and saying goodbye to manual work such as managing spreadsheets, your company can start seeing major improvements in growth and profitability.

Meeting Delivery KPIs

The reputation of your transportation company is in the hands of your delivery capabilities. If you deliver on time, your brokerage or 3PL will succeed. If you are not able to meet standard delivery expectations, you can expect a lower customer satisfaction rate and bad reviews.

By leveraging Cloud-based TMS software, you can excel in your delivery success rates and wow your customers with speedy service and great communication.

Integrations All in One Place

On the topic of optimization and efficiency, your TMS should allow you to integrate your most-used platforms into a single portal for you to access anytime, anywhere. This saves major time in moving from system to system to manage a specific part of your supply chain. For example, you can integrate QuickBooks for accounting into your TMS platform, so all accounting processes can be handled without leaving your TMS portal. Having all your systems in one place can also allow for more visibility and collaboration across your organization.
Zara Raza is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Turvo Inc., a Cloud-based collaborative transportation management system to modernize the supply chain. Turvo helps 3PLs, freight brokers, and shippers improve and automate logistics and supply chain processes with a scalable TMS.