How powerful and fast is the Mearth S Pro over the Ducati Pro I Evo? Let’s take a look at their quality and performance in this review.

The Mearth S Pro is a notch above the well-loved Mearth S electric scooter, Australia’s first e-scooter brand. Further, the Mearth S Pro has the same light, portable, and foldable frame as the Mearth S, and now offers more power, better comfort, and longer range riding for riders who are looking for a high-performance everyday electric scooter. Highlights include an upgradable and switchable battery system, compact, light, and portable frame, colored display,  3-second folding mechanism, 10-inch explosion-proof pneumatic tires, and smooth and safe triple-brake system.

In terms of performance, specifically in terms of speed, power, battery, and range, the Mearth S Pro electric scooter features better and safer functions such as the triple brake system and 10-inch pneumatic tires for better support and stability on any type of road. Overall, it’s a high-performance electric scooter that’s ideal for commuters who travel on different types of paths every day or around the city regularly. the Mearth S Pro e-scooter also has a swappable battery system, so the rider can carry multiple batteries which allows him/her to extend his/her ride and can add more distance to one’s travels, allowing the rider to go anywhere he/she likes.

The Mearth S Pro gives its rider about 30km to 45km and covers more ground with its hot-swappable battery feature to enjoy longer riding hours and arrive at star quality wherever its rider goes.

MEARTH S PRO Electric Scooter Pecifications:

Motor Power – 350W 750W Burst Output

Capacity – Standard 360WH / 10AH;

Range – 30km to 45km

Max speed – 25km/h to 32km/h

Top Speed – 25-32 kph

Max Range – 40-45 km

Weight – 13.5 kg

Max Load – 100 kg

Motor – 360 W

Charging Time- 3 to 4 hours

IP54 dust and water resistance

The Mearth S Pro has a top speed of 25 kph. This is the recommended speed according to the Australian e-scooter guidelines. However, the speed can be overridden to a maximum top speed of 32 kph. It’s strictly recommended to only use the highest speed possible when one is in a controlled and safe environment. If you don’t need a custom speed, the Mearth S Pro has three different speed modes namely Eco, Standard, and Sports.

This Mearth S Pro scooter has a maximum default range of 40 km. And it can be upgraded to 45 km by using a supercharged battery made by both Mearth and Panasonic. The Mearth S Pro also features a swappable battery system enabling the rider to change to a new fully-charged battery and extend his/her trip to another 40-45 km.

The Mearth S Pro provides a powerful 360-Wh battery, which is a significant upgrade from the Mearth S electric scooter’s 230.4-Wh battery. As mentioned, it also features a one-click removable battery, allowing the rider to switch between external batteries. Moreover, more power and range can be added to the battery’s capacity using the Mearth and Panasonic co-engineered lithium battery. Overall, the batteries have a charging time of 3 to 4 hours.

Yes, the Mearth S Pro travels best on flat surfaces, yet this Mearth scooter allows its rider to climb hills or steep paths of up to 15 degrees in slope. Depending on the rider’s weight and speed, it could travel slower on inclinations, yet will help one reach the top of that hill.

Thanks to its 10-inch tires, 110m suspension, and solid build, the Mearth S Pro gives a more stable and smoother riding experience even on grassy terrains or rough pavements. The wide deck makes it easy and comfortable for you to position yourself while riding. It also has a good grip on your feet giving you a more stable riding experience.

The Mearth S Pro weighs 13.5 kg so it’s a pretty decent electric scooter to carry. It has a compact frame with the size of 1073 x 420 x 450 mm when folded. With its easy 3-second folding mechanism, one can quickly fold the whole stem or body of the scooter and hook it by the rear tire. Allowing the rider to carry it around easily and easier to keep in small spaces like below the desk or a small corner of the room.

The dashboard consists of a colored digital display screen, handlebar, accelerator, brake, and bell. The display screen shows the rider’s speed mode and riding speed. The display is bright enough to be seen in broad daylight, so there’s no need to worry about sun glares. Meanwhile, both the accelerator and brake are intuitive and easy to touch.

With an LED front light and rear lights, the front lights are positioned at the top unlike other scooter brands and models that position the front lights near the tires. This improves visibility at night because it gleams in a wider area and can be easily seen.

The Mearth S Pro electric scooter provides 10-inch explosion-proof pneumatic tires, that deliver a sturdier and smoother ride on rougher terrains.

One of the defining features of the Mearth S Pro is its triple brake system. At the rear tire, you will see a disc brake which is usually found in high-end electric scooters. It also has a friction or foot brake on top of the rear tire, allowing riders to press on this mechanism with their feet. Lastly, it provides regenerative braking which helps save power as you decelerate. You can use either one of these brakes or a combination of them. Overall, these brakes provide a smoother and safer deceleration.

In design, the Mearth S Pro is similar to the Mearth S, with the Mearth S Pro electric scooter showcasing a slim, minimalist, and compact design. It’s available in an all-black frame with red accents.

Ducati Pro I Evo

This scooter is not the best launch and in particular, its acceleration, as it takes a bit of time to get to full speed but its top speed is very fast with it averaging 25-27 km/h, although it may differ with rider weight/height, on flat ground. The battery lasts for about 25-30km on full with a 3-5 hour charging time involved in filling it up. Also, the autonomy decreases slightly as you recharge the battery.

Test, Advantages, and Features

The Ducati PRO-I EVO electric scooter has 3 speed levels. ECO mode runs at 6 km/h, D at 20 km/h, and S at the maximum 25 km/h mentioned above. It also has a LED display on the handles to provide information on speed, battery, and mode and has a 350W motor that can reach up to25 km/h allowed by law and can climb slopes with a maximum incline of up to 15º.

Regarding autonomy, this Ducati PRO-I EVO scooter has a more than correct 28Wh battery, capable of traveling up to 25 km.

However, this figure will always be lower depending on your weight or the slopes in your area. In 3-5 hours, its battery is fully charged. To accelerate with the scooter, press the accelerator button on the handlebar. Once activated, hold it down for 6 seconds, so the cruise mode will be activated, and then the rider can drive.

The Ducati PRO EVO 1 test has solid 8.5-inch wheels that won’t go flat or puncture. When you have to brake, you will have at your disposal a double braking system. On the right side, you have a handlebar that will allow you to activate the rear disc brake. On the left, you can stop the Ducati Pro Evo 1 scooter with the electric brake. The Ducati Pro Evo-I also has an app for Android and Apple so that you can view the battery status and statistics of your rides from your smartphone. The battery lasts for about 25-30km on full with a 3-5 hour charging time involved in filling it up.

The Ducati PRO I EVO has a LED display on the handles to provide you with information on speed, battery, mode, and more. It can be folded quickly by stepping on the pedal and moving the handlebar vigorously. Open dimensions is at 105 x 44 x 115 cm and closed dimensions is at 105 x 44 x 48 cm.  It weighs about 14.5 kg. The water-resistant level is IP54.

If the rider weighs more than 95 kg, the power of this scooter suffers and its performance is not as effective on slopes. A rider who wants a more powerful scooter if one travels long distances must understand that the DUCATI PRO I EVO cannot load the scooter at the destination.  This electric scooter is not for riders looking to travel long distances within the city in their day-to-day work or errands.

Take note that if you’re taking the scooter for a test ride to a private path and around the city for a while, the DUCATI PRO I EVO electric scooter takes a lot longer than other brands to accelerate. For those areas that can ride an electric scooter everywhere in the city, or on flat ground, this is okay for getting the rider from A to B points.

But if one is looking for an electric scooter with a modern design and outstanding specifications, it is recommended that one evaluates the Ducati Pro I Evo first.  All in all, point by point, it is evident that the Mearth S Pro sprints over the top of the Ducati Pro I Evo.

For those who want an electric scooter for the speed that it can give,  the Mearth S Pro electric scooter is your best alternative, as it can be a lot faster for those who truly want to feel the speed and more.

Warranty/Post-Purchase Support

Mearth Australia assuredly has one of the best customer services, and provides a great after-sales service, offering customers a 2-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty for the electric scooter’s battery and motor, and repair and after-sales support.

After giving this Mearth S Pro and Ducati Pro I Evo review, you can now determine the right scooter for you.