Last month, we ran an article asking whether one of the biggest video games of recent years, World of Warcraft, would be suited to mobile devices.

World of Warcraft Classic is a Perfect Fit for Mobile – Wouldn’t it Work? looked into whether the classic RPG would port over to mobile devices, weighing up the pros and cons of such a jump. WoW has been around for almost two decades and has legions of players, all of whom enjoy interacting socially with friends as well as developing their characters.

If WoW is not suitable for mobile, given the complexity of some of the control, then which games are? What types of games lend themselves well to being played on a mobile phone or tablet, and why?

We have selected five different genres of game that are perfect for your mobile device, more so than a home console or PC.

that could not be more different, such as Slingo Wild Adventure. For a simplistic kind of game, there is five slots paylines. A game with the most basic aspects that do not require a particular technique in order to win. All come with great graphics and deep

Turn-Based Multiplayer

A turn-based multiplayer is something like Words with Friends or Draw Something which pits you and a friend against each other, taking turns to have your go. Often, these games are simple in premise, drawing from board games or other classic titles where the gameplay is straightforward. They are perfect for mobile because of the nature in which you play them. You often find players taking a few moments to ‘have their go’, before putting the game down and getting on with the day. In the time it takes a console to load, a turn-based multiplayer can be dealt with, and you move on.

Online Slots

You can find online slots on PC as well as mobile, but they are certainly well-suited to a mobile device, for much the same reason as a turn-based multi-player. The problem in the past was that the graphics, sound and variety were not been available on mobile devices. All that has changed, as the wide variety of Slingo titles by Foxy Games proves. They have games featuring brands such as Deal or No Deal and titles based around other strong imagery that could not be more different, such as Slingo Wild Adventure. All come with great graphics and deep, immersive themes which mobiles can now handle. Not to mention how they fuse slots and bingo together to create their hybrid version – Slingo. If you have five minutes to spare and you are a slot fan, you will discover exactly why these genres are perfectly suited to mobile play.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is where the game takes part of the real world and mixes it with generated graphics. The obvious example is the hugely popular Pokémon Go, which saw you roaming the countryside looking for Pokémon to collect on your mobile device. Forbes explains how the 2016 release became the most popular mobile game of all time, grossing more than $2bn (€1.65bn). AR is definitely suited to mobile devices as they allow more scope for interacting with reality. Seeing AR in your living room is all well and good, but the game comes to life when heading down the street, seeing Pokémon hiding in plain sight outside your local bakers.


Like online slots, poker is another type of casino game that lends itself to the mobile device. This one is awkward though because how you like to play poker depends on whether you prefer mobile or PC. If you are a serious gamer, wanting multiple tables and all sorts of different software aids, a mobile is not for you. If you just like poker, and do not play seriously, then it is brilliant on mobile. You can also find some turn-based multiplayer poker games, and offline ones too, for short games whilst on the go. If poker were to be released on a PlayStation, for example, there might not be enough depth to keep you entertained.

Retro Games

Finally, retro games are perfect for mobile because of their simplicity. We all loved the all-style platform games, Ghosts and Goblins, Super Mario and Zool, and mobile devices are now more than capable of handling them. Graphically, they are every bit as good as they were back in the day, and the uncomplicated controls lend themselves well to mobile. Joysticks, which is how people once played games, often had just two action buttons, meaning the less than complex control, systems can be made simple on a mobile device.