If you have decided to buy a smartphone, you should first look around among used mobile phones. Why? Many people frequently replace their devices with brand-new models, which is why many, almost new, used smartphones are re-sold on online marketplaces.

Buying a used mobile phone can be risky. But if you are careful and take some basic aspects into account, you can significantly reduce the risk, you can get a used smartphone at a good price, and you can be sure that you bought a quality device from a reliable place.

We have collected the most important tips for selection.

Why is IMEI important when buying a used smartphone?

The International Mobile Device Identifier (IMEI) is the identification code for mobile phones (mostly comparable to the license plate number of a car). Be sure to check this, so you can find out the exact type of phone, learn about the factory specification, and also whether this number matches the number of the device – usually located under the battery. Service providers use the IMEI to track smartphones involved in crime, so if you check the number, you can be sure that they are not offering you a stolen mobile phone.

Battery – pay attention to this

Be sure to check the capacity and condition of the battery, whether there are any visible signs of soaking, and whether its appearance is undamaged and symmetrical. If the seller was so careful and put away the device’s original box and even the factory charger, then this definitely speaks in favor of the purchase.

Display status

Carefully examine the display for damage or pixel defects. The best way to spot pixel defects is to look at a solid black or pure white image on your phone. Since replacing the display is not cheap, in the event of a pixel error – if it does not bother you – it is worth negotiating the price of the device, and if it bothers you, cancel the purchase of the phone. It doesn’t matter what the size of the display is, to make it as comfortable as possible for you to use your mobile phone. Don’t ever buy a phone with a damaged display as the screen are usually much more expensive, especially the Samsung new model 2022 price in Pakistan.

Operating System

Before buying a second-hand smartphone that is one or two years old or older, check what operating system version the phone is running and whether it still receives system updates, as support for even top models does not last very long. The fresh operating system is guarantee that your favorite applications will run well and for a long time on the device.

Other technical parameters

It’s good to know where and how to place the SIM card in the phone, and for older phone models, the ideal size of the SIM card. Important information is whether the device is card-independent or only works with a Europe SIM card from a certain provider. This is especially interesting if you buy a dual SIM smartphone.

On online marketplaces, such as Vatera, you can also filter for types and brands, you can find for example Samsung or Apple iPhone phones in a separate subcategory.

Mobile phone from the Internet – the main thing is a good price and reliability

What Mobile lists Samsung’s latest mobile price in Pakistan along with all the other famous brands. Before you make a decision on a secondhand smartphone, be sure to find out about the offers and current prices on WhatMobile.com.pk. Also avoid “only now, only for you” type ads. When ordering online, only buy on an interface where registration is mandatory for sellers and where the purchase is controlled, such as Vaterá, where buyers and sellers can rate each other, so you can find out in advance. Be sure to check the seller’s profile and previous transactions to see how reliable he is.

One of the convenient services of the site is, for example, “contacting the seller”, with which you can talk to the seller personally on the phone after a short time with one click, via Vatera, so you can comfortably ask your questions about the used smartphone for free.

A special function on Vater, the Safe Shopping Program (BVP), ensures your safety, which means that if you have already paid for the product, but still do not receive it, the price will be refunded to you (up to a maximum of HUF 100,000).

Tips for safe delivery

It is best if you receive the purchased smartphone in person, as this way you can check the device before paying. Be sure to meet in a public place, and don’t pay the purchase price in advance unless you’re sure you’re getting what you asked for.

If personal collection is not possible, clarify the details, packaging, and delivery conditions with the seller, and only buy online where payment is guaranteed to be safe and there is a money-back guarantee. If you are buying a Vivo phone do always check the latest Vivo price list first before the meeting.

Warranty, invoice, return – it can also be solved with a used smartphone

A factory warranty is unlikely in the case of a used mobile phone, but if you conclude a contract with the seller, you can stipulate a time period during which you must return the device, which is especially important if you will complete the entire transaction online. Ideally, the seller has kept the original purchase invoice, so be sure to ask for this. Traders also advertise on online platforms, and they are obliged to provide an invoice for the purchase.

If you follow our advice, you will almost certainly make a good deal, not have a bad shopping experience, and will keep using the online marketplace services again and again.