Long travels may become very boring very soon. Constantly checking the pubg gambling sites online is exciting for the first few hours, but what’s next? Here board games can become handy. Small tabletop games with a small number of components will help to make the trip feel shorter and more interesting. 

In this list, we have collected the best games that you can easily pack and take with you on a trip or a long vacation. 

  • Railroad Ink Challenge 

A perfect way to start the list of traveling board games with a game about trains and rails. Railroad Ink is an awesome game that is easy to pick up. At the same time, it has depth in moment-to-moment decision-making. Besides, you can play it solo, two or three players at once. It is a perfect choice for a family trip or a single road. 

The game does not have many components too. The game consists of a small field, a few dice, and a pencil. That is all you need to play Railroad Ink Challenge. It easily fits on a train table or plane’s flip-out table. 

The premise of the game is simple: you have the field lined in squares. You roll the dice and draw the respective image on the field. The image means the road you build. The point here is to keep the interconnected railway for as long as possible.

The Challenge expansion adds new winning conditions and slightly altered rules. Railroad Ink is a great distraction from long trip boredom and an authentic game in a certain way. 

  • Welcome to the Dungeon 

The game with the name “Welcome to the Dungeon” already suggests what is happening around and why it should be fun. It is a card game for up to four players. It is easy to grab the game and entertain a big company during a road trip. You may also buy miniatures to make your game more interesting. With the increasing popularity of this game, you can now easily find advanced dungeons and dragons miniatures online.

The game is divided into two phases: dungeon building and going through the dungeon. Each player receives a hand of cards. The cards represent various fantasy monsters: goblins, skeletons, dragons, and demons. 

Despite the dreadful names, the visual style of the game is cartoonish and family-friendly. There is nothing gruesome about the design of creatures. 

Players put the monsters on the table facedown. So, only the player, who put the obstacle, would know what lies ahead. At the start of the game, each of the players decides which character they will play. There are warrior, barbarian, mage, and rogue available. 

Once you have built the dungeon, it is time to descend. Welcome to the dungeon is more about pushing your luck than dungeon crawling. Knowing what monster to put, when to enter the dungeon and when to retreat is the key to mastering this game.

  • Similo 

Similo is a very tiny game with big potential. It is a social deduction game, similar to Codenames. In Similo, you have a deck of various characters, from Prince Charming and Big Bad Wolf to the Headless Rider and Julius Caesar. The point here is to guess the right character.

Similo is a cooperative game. One of the players is the clue giver, while the other are guessers. The field consists of twelve random characters from the deck. Then, the clue giver takes another five cards from the remaining cards. 

Guessers need to reveal the secret character, and only the clue giver knows who it is. Clue giver, as it is clear from the name, gives clues. However, he cannot do it directly. The clue giver can only place a card from his hand. Vertically, if the character is similar to the secret one, and horizontally if it is not.

The rules are that simple. Despite the visible simplicity, the game challenges outlook and imagination. It is a perfect choice during a flight waiting or if people do not want to learn something complex. It is an easy and colorful game. 

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  • Dice Academy 

Dice Academy is the smallest game on the list. The box may be a bit bigger than one of Similo’s, but the actual game is a bunch of dice. They can easily fit in a pocket or at the bottom of any bag. It makes Dice Academy very portable and damage-proof. 

The game tests who is the best word-knower. The ten dice are spread in five colors. There are two types of dice: letter and category. The letter is pretty simple, and the category dice include a variety of items. There are countries, shapes, objects, or a character. 

First, you roll the category and make sure that everyone has seen it. Then, you roll the dice with the letters. The first person who names a word that starts with the letter and falls into the category grabs the pair of dice that he or she used to create a word.

The trick is – you can’t pick the two dice of similar color. The player who scored the most dice wins the game. Dice academy is a very simple but very engaging game. It is not for everyone, but if you are for some silly fun, it will suit any kind of trip.

  • Tiny Epic Games 

The Tiny Epic series is something special on the board games market. It takes the usual tabletop genres and squeezes them in a miniature format. There are Tiny Epic Zombies, Kingdoms, Qest, Western, etc. 

Each new entry becomes smaller than its predecessor. However, the Tiny Epic series does not lack quality or depth. These are full-fledged tabletop games that can rival bigger board games. 

Nevertheless, if a game is packed in a small box, it does not mean that it will not take much space. Most Tiny Epic games take pretty much a table. Therefore, they become a comfortable portable option for a vacation. However, they work poorly as a road board game. 

Still, you may try Tiny Epic Galaxies for a train or air travel. This game is just a bunch of cards and dice. It would not take that much space but will result in a deep, strategic experience.