Casinos need players to operate continuously. With targeted marketing strategies and a carefully designed interface, they encourage gamblers to play.

In Sweden, gambling is legal. The minimum age to get into casinos is 20 years old. However, in online casinos, you can participate once you turn 18. With only four land-based casinos in the country, more players venture into online casino.

5 Ways Casinos Get You to Play

Here are the tricks casinos use to make you keep on playing:

1.   Play With Chips and Tickets Instead of Cash

Casinos require players to exchange their money for chips, and it can be explained psychologically. Losing $10 in a game discourages players from trying again, but a red chip creates a mental separation from the value of money.

Traditional casino design for a slot machine uses coins. Gamblers have to carry buckets of coins to play and bring them even when going to the restroom. But, with ticket-in, ticket-out, or TITO, players just need to insert their cards into the machine and get tickets when they’re done. Tickets can either be cashed out or used again for more plays.

2.   Give You Freebies

Casinos are often situated near or in resorts where hotel accommodations are given for free. This strategy encourages players to gamble late into the night and not worry too much, even if they lose a lot while betting. This is because they’ll be comforted by the thought of free accommodation. It will also increase the casino’s revenue, as it tempts the player into staying longer.

Another usual freebie in casinos is alcoholic drinks. Complimentary alcoholic beverages help the players have more fun and be more confident while in-game. Although alcohol affects decision-making and logical thinking, it will still depend on how the player handles their liquor.

3.   Design Strategic Casino Environments

Once you go inside a casino, you won’t see any windows with an outside view. Instead, you’ll see walls and tinted windows – you won’t be sure if it’s day or night. Many casinos use the technique for players to lose track of time and continue to play.

Additional features like music and colors help casinos get gamblers to play and stay longer.

●        Music at a casino improves the mood and makes players focus. Fast-tempo music is usually played to support the space’s overall exciting atmosphere.

●        Colors, especially bright ones, attract attention and make players interested.

There are also no direct exits while you take a walk inside the casino. Most of the paths inside are curved and will lead you to slot machines and roulette games. Even if you’re done with your game, you can get captivated by other games while trying to find your way out.

4.   Incorporate Slot Machine Game Designs

About 50% to 70% of a casino’s revenue comes from slots. Therefore, casinos have the ultimate goal of making gamblers play longer on slot machines. They purchase machines with appealing designs and high-quality graphics accompanied by a smooth interface.

Casinos prefer machines that have push buttons for a player’s convenience. These new slot machines have a feature of connecting online slot accounts for players to use their saved bonuses and free spins.

5.   Have Big Celebrations

Winners in a casino are usually announced and celebrated. This strategy makes other gamblers imagine that they’ll have the same celebration when they win, encouraging them to gamble even more.

There are also big jackpot raffle prizes with a large sum of money or cars. The winner is announced late at night, and players must be present in the casino to claim their reward. If they’re not present during the announcement, the casino will call on another winner. With these mechanics, players stay until late at night waiting for the announcement of winners, and while waiting, they play more. 


Casinos have different unnoticeable strategies as they continue to analyze and understand their customers. Now that you’re aware of them, it’s up to you whether you’ll fall for their tricks again or hold yourself accountable.