For many interior design enthusiasts or the designers themselves, when it comes to arranging and designing a particular area, especially wall hanging, the details of these must achieve harmony with the other decorations or objects that will be placed in the room.

Many of the decorative objects that are used to decorate the walls of an area can be tapestries, pots, book shelves, among others, all of this to achieve a perfect harmony.

About Wall Hanging

The decorations on the walls of an area date back to past centuries, where most of these decorations were paintings to describe stories such as the Egyptian ones or to imply the use of the areas as it was in Rome, then over time they achieved the so-called tapestry, to frame the stories for years.

Decoration Styles

For many history enthusiasts, the way in which the people of that time decorated or used to give some message on those walls, become very attractive, as they are:

  • In the style of the Middle Ages in Rome, they reflected the religious essence of that time, in houses, churches and palaces.
  • The Egyptian or Etruscan style, where scenes of domestic life, parties or banquets, hunts or parades were represented
  • In the old Italian style, incorporating murals in the areas, in order to emulate that you had a great view of those beautiful landscapes, is widely used by those who love nature.
  • The rural tradition, one of the styles that popular painters were capturing over time, from the beauties of the fields or scenes of country life.

Forms of decoration on walls

Over time, the forms of decoration began to vary, many of them being:

  • Pots, for those who love nature and want to have it close
  • Natural Fibers, objects armed with the fibers of nature
  • Macrame tapestries, an idea that combines two ways of weaving
  • Plates, very common in homes for elderly ladies, which little by little has managed to make a space for young adults.
  • Book shelves, for those who are fascinated with reading new stories every day.
  • Metal baskets, a simple idea to store objects
  • Hats, for those hat collectors who no longer have a place to put them
  • Musical Instruments, so that these musicians always have an instrument at hand if they manage to have an idea at an unexpected moment.
  • ●       Racks, A help when arriving at the house and placing those coats on snowy days.

There have been many options that designers and enthusiasts have managed to capture, to change the style of those walls that seem to have no life.

Importance of decoration in internal areas

Since man decided to stop living outdoors and began to develop his life in four walls, he has been searching to improve that area and make it his own. With this in mind, interior decoration has become an important part of the development of society, thus achieving the creation of spaces that help the well-being of people physically and mentally.