There are a lot of new products out on the market, and there is a growing strain on Canada’s health care system due to this abundance. Many pet owners worry about whether or not their supplement will be allowed in Canada or have to follow all the government procedures along with meeting industry-specific standards. In this article, we get an explanation from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on what marks a product as safe for human consumption and how animals can be exempted from safety assessments.

How to register a veterinary health product

In Canada, products that are regulated by the Veterinary Committee’s Expert Review Committee for Drug Evaluation have to go through a product evaluation before being allowed to be sold in Canada. The process includes registering a vetted product with Natural Health Products and submitting a pre-submission package. If the client plans to resume selling in Canada in the future, they need to submit deferral applications or withdrawal requests in accordance with the following rules:

What does the law require for registration in Canada?

Canadian law requires that any health care product, including veterinary health products, be registered if it is designed for use in Canada or is to be used on animals confined or kept on Canadian territory. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulates animal products on the grounds that these products need to be safe and effective. According to the Canadian Crop Protection Regulations, substances that are either pesticides or pest control agents must be registered in advance by the CFIA. To apply for registration of veterinary health product licensing, you must submit an application to Health Canada stating what category of VHP your product falls under and several consents obtained by qualified persons in Canada. A specimen of the product must also be submitted in order to allow it to undergo laboratory assessment.

Steps to vet health product registration in Canada

Veterinarians in Canada must register their veterinary health products to be able to sell the products to the public. The process is up to the vet when you ask them how they would like to go about registering your product. They give you a range of different options based on their current situation and what restrictions may need to be set in place – it really just depends on the product that you’re trying to get approved.

Benefits of vet health product registration in Canada

Registering health care products precautionary measures that are offered for sale in Canada is essential for retailers to protect themselves. Government regulations are required before a new product can be brought into the market. As veterinary health technologies continue to advance, more regulations are being created to help claim the latest in research and innovation.

What are the cosmetic regulations for veterinary health products in Canada?

Veterinary practitioners are only allowed to practice in Canada if they are registered by the competent national competent authority. The regulation governing veterinary practitioners’ registration is Health of Animals Regulations, 2004. Part​ 2, Section 16, under section 5 “Cosmetic or therapeutic product” states that a veterinarian may establish cosmetic or therapeutic animals products given they meet the existing animal provisions for ingredients for Canada.


The veterinary health product registration rules in Canada are complex for many reasons. For instance, some products that contain some ingredients that are classified as food additives require registration, while some components of the product itself do not necessarily require use. Regulators can also take an individual-product-by-individual product approach to registration by requiring a specific means for manufacturing or importing the finished good into Canada.