We are fast approaching a new round of shopping madness. As November draws to a close, it can only mean one thing – Black Friday is upon us. While there are an array of products all coming with truly amazing deals, one area that really stands out every Black Friday is tech. It seems that we are all keen to upgrade but only when the price is right!

The year 2020 was the year of the Nintendo Switch. According to Betway Casino, some $58 billion was spent last year and a fair share of that went the way of the Switch. The build-up to Black Friday showed strong signals that the Nintendo Switch was going to be the must-have product of the year. As researched by Betway Online Casino, the Switch was searched for an astonishing 2.98 million times as we approached the day itself. What was it that made the Switch the must-buy product of 2020? Let’s take a look. 


We all crave the latest gadgets 

Makers of gadgets, particularly games consoles, have this little habit when it comes to their latest releases. You can be sure that it will coincide with Christmas and you can be sure that there will be a bunch of stressed-out parents trying to figure out just how to afford it. This is where Black Friday can become a parents’ saving grace.

Although the Switch had already been around for three years, it was still hot property come 2020 and parents everywhere were still being constantly nagged to bring their kids some street cred. The perfect Black Friday deals made this a reality as prices tumbled and it suddenly became more accessible. 

A touch of nostalgia 

While the younger generation may be craving the latest and greatest gadgets, there is a large section of the population who likes nothing more than to look back. They enjoy the chance to reflect on what they see as simpler, perhaps happier, times. The Nintendo Switch was a huge draw to this audience as well as the youngsters.

What the Switch brings to nostalgia seekers are the games of old. Yes, they may be being enjoyed in a new way, but the ability to play Mario classics will always ensure that a product is in demand. Nintendo did a fantastic job at targeting more than one audience in the same way some sneaker sales do for some.

The Nintendo Switch in 2021

What of Black Friday 2021? Is the Nintendo Switch still going to be in demand or will a newer, cooler, release knock it from the top spot? Early data suggests that the love affair with the Switch is ongoing as internet searches soar with people trying to find a bargain.

There have already been some sneak peeks at the offers that are set to come our way and there is no doubt that the Switch is set to be snapped up in record time. With such great deals available, you can even buy one for the kids and keep one for yourself!