James Patterson has written over 200 books. He provides readers of all niches with an exciting read. But if you are new to his work, listing all the books is impossible. But we have a list of some of the James Patterson books in order that are worthy options to read.

For The James Patterson Fan Red Alert

In a room full of New York’s elite, a fatal blast explodes during a fundraiser. The NYPD Red Task Force starts investigating the scene. Unfortunately, they discover that the A-list they should protect might be responsible for the destruction.

For First Time James Patterson Readers

Along Came a Spider is a number one bestseller by the author and his first book written in the Alex Cross series. The book is compelling and downright addictive. The thriller is the best place to start as the story kicks off with a famous actress’s daughter being kidnapped. Then, a politician’s son, a forensic psychologist, gets in on the action to outwit the dangerous serial killer the FBI cannot outsmart.

Humans Bow Down

If you watched Sarah Connor the Terminator, you would find this book very interesting. In the book, the robots won the war, and six-warrior woman has nothing to lose. They are six partners in crime. The only thing standing between their humanity and permanent destruction is Dubs. So, they need to put their trust in the dodgiest of allies.

For The Crime Junkie

Filthy Rich is a true story of a man who cumulated wealth in the finance sector known as Jeffrey Epstein. The only problem is he fell from that grace due to his love of young girls. In the book, James Patterson discovers all sides of the events from the girls employed at Epstein’s home, Epstein himself, and the cops investigating the charges against him.

For The Nonfiction Lover

The Murder of King Tut is one of the oldest unsolved mysteries found today and seen through the lens of Howard Carter. He discovered a hidden pharaoh’s tomb. While the story might be true, you still have passion, betrayal, and intrigue reading the book.

For Teens Not Wanting to Put Their Phone Down

The Injustice is about a teen Theo whose Twitter account remained anonymous until a person posts a viral photo and gets expelled. He pairs up with another student who was dismissed for a crime she also had not committed. Theo and Sashas’ investigations’ best part is that his close friend cannot be excluded from the suspect list.

For The Science Reader

Yes, who does not know the thrilling story of Zoo, who even made it as a series on TV. The book starts with Jackson Oz, a biologist warning the world about the human-animal conflict but to no avail. When the animals become violent attacking people, it might be too late to stop the catastrophe.

A Book for the Faith Explorer

Woman of God is a fictional thriller about a woman who might or might not be the next Pope. Brigid is the main character and an incredible woman who has not had an easy time in faith. The story takes place during the Sudanese civil war, high-powered lawyers, and drug dens. You have the Boston church and the involvement of the Catholic Church. If you liked reading James Patterson books, try reading the Jack Reacher books in order as well.