Mangalsutra is a very precious jewel for a married woman. It reminds her of the vows she had taken with her husband in their marriage. Since this jewellery has a significant role, it should look exclusive. Mangalsutras are now available in many designs that are adorable and comfortable to wear as well. Now Mangalsutras are customizing, and their designs are becoming versatile to wear on many occasions. These designs are made with perfection, focusing on each detail. 

Below are the trendy and astounding types of Mangalsutra that have captured the hearts of many Indian women. So, sit back and check out this article to select the best Mangalsutra. 

Gold Plated Black Beaded Mangalsutra Design

Do you want to wear a simple yet stylish Mangalsutra? If yes, then the black beaded Mangalsutra design will be a perfect choice. It has a single layer of black and golden beads. Its pendant is a two-layer chain with big beads on it. It is unique and perfect for those women who want to make it simple. 

Plain Gold Mangalsutra Design

If you are a gold-lover and want to flaunt it in your Mangalsutra, consider wearing this Mangalsutra design. In this, the chain is entirely made of gold with a few black beads in between. It also has a golden pendant that completes this design in a superb way. Gold jewellery; however, can sometimes start looking blackish in color and this might make you wonder why does Gold jewellery turn black? Invest in good quality Gold to prevent this from happening.

Multiple Chain Gold Mangalsutra:

With a very unique and rare design, this Mangalsutra is trending nowadays. It consists of multiple chains having tiny black beads in between. It is sober and is ideal type of jewellery for working women. Wearing it will make you feel like you are wearing another piece of gold jewellery. 

Long Stone Studded Mangalsutra

Long stone-studded Mangalsutra looks exemplary on women with round faces. It is a long golden chain with black beads and an earring-like pendant. Because of its elegant and gorgeous pattern, it is suitable to wear in traditional as well as western functions. 

Diamond Studded Mangalsutra Design

Mangalsutras with broad pendants form a great combination with silk sarees. You will find a unique blend of black beads and a gold chain in this Mangalsutra. It has diamonds studded on its pendant, making it flawless and exquisite. It gives a classy look to you regardless of your outfits.  

Necklace Style Mangalsutra Design

If you are facing difficulty wearing a necklace and Mangalsutra together, you can choose this necklace style Mangalsutra. This design is versatile and can-do work of both necklace and Mangalsutra. Its chain consists of small diamonds with black beads that give a perfect finish to the design. The necklace style Mangalsutra will add glamour to your appearance.

You can wear it daily on your regular office days as well.

Trio Pendant Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

This trio pendant Mangalsutra comes from Maharashtra. With four strings adorned with black beads, this design is worth wearing for traditional occasions and as everyday wear. It has three pendants in the form of gold coins with goddess images on them. The other name for this Mangalsutra is Powala Putali Mangalsutra. 

Leaf Shape Mangalsutra Design

The leaf shape Mangalsutra goes well with chiffon and georgette sarees. It has a design just like a tree branch with leaves in it. This design forms an ideal match with simple sarees giving you a sophisticated and stunning look. 

Meena flower Gold Mangalsutra

As its name suggests, this Mangalsutra has a pendant with a meenakari design. There are two strings of chain with gold balls arranged in equal intervals in between them. Its elegance comes from its floral design pendant, which has red and green stones. A pear-shaped green stone hangs with the pendant as well. With its exquisite design, Meenakari Mangalsutra will give you a chic and classy style. 

Broad Shape Mangalsutra Design

This Mangalsutra is for all those ladies having an intense love for diamonds. Its design is broad with lustrous diamonds studded on it, making it highly attractive and noticeable. You can wear this design at festivals and parties. With its extravagant design, it adds royalty to the appearance.