Limousines are luxury vehicles that are driven by a chauffeur. They provide you with privacy and comfort when driving around town. You can contact various Phoenix companies and check out the limousine services they offer

People often get confused between a limousine and a stretch limousine. But even before we understand that difference, we must understand what a limousine is and its different types.  

What is a Limousine? 

Limousine, commonly referred to as Limo, is an extremely luxurious sedan vehicle. It has a long wheelbase that makes it stand out at any event. The driver compartment and the passenger cabin are separated in a limo. There is a window or door that enables you to communicate with the chauffeur. Some modern limousines also have intercoms to facilitate communication.

The word limousine was derived from the historical carriages with an enclosed passenger cabin and an open arrangement for the driver to sit. Limousines signify luxury and glamor. They are typically used by VVIPs and stars.  

Types of Limousine 

There are various types of limos that you can use for different purposes. Here are the most common types: 

  • Sedan Limousine 

A compact, grand vehicle, the Sedan Limousine can accommodate three to four passengers. It is one of the most cost-effective limos. It is typically hired by business travelers and corporate organizations to commute people to and from the airport or to attend business events and conferences. 

  • SUV Limousine 

An SUV Limo is ideal for a road trip in the countryside with a group of friends or family. Bigger than a sedan, this car features fully-equipped bars, audio systems, a multimedia area with a TV, and a long trunk to fit luggage. It is also commonly hired for prom nights because of its comfort, space, and style.  

  • Limo Bus 

A Limo Bus is also known as a party bus. It can accommodate more than 30 people. It features a restroom, upholstered sofas, poles, strobes, drinking zones, a fully equipped bar, disco floor, and lights. A limo bus is usually hired to host birthdays and bachelorettes on the go.  

  • Hummer Limo 

The Hummer Limo looks rugged and robust. It can accommodate more than 12 people. It also features TV sets, video game slots, casinos, and bars. The Pink Hummer is typically hired by people who want to play poker or have a pre-party on the way to an event.

  • The Convertible Limo 

The Convertible Limo is similar to a regular limousine but with an open roof surface. Controlled by a remote system, the roof moves inward or outward based on the passengers’ needs. Accommodating more than 8 people, this vehicle is ideal for birthdays, weddings, and prom nights.  

  • Lincoln Limousine 

If you are looking for a limousine that defines elegance, comfort, style, and luxury, then you must go for the Lincoln Limousine. Considered the grandest of all the limos, this vehicle features the latest technology, large seating space, entertainment sections, bars, centrally located temperature systems, and a navigation controller.  

  • Stretch Limousine 

As the name suggests, the stretch limo is a stretched version of a sedan. It can accommodate 14-18 people at a time. The seating is usually located at the sides and rear, depending on the vehicle’s interiors. The stretch limousine features champagne flutes, bars, LED lights, and audio-visual systems. It is an ideal mode of transport for proms, weddings, and date nights. 

Difference Between a Stretch Limo and Limousine

A stretch limo is a type of limousine. The main difference between the two is the size. A stretch limo is a stretched version of the regular limousine. It has an extended wheelbase that gives it its look.  

Besides the size, the amenities provided in both these vehicles are different. A stretch limo may provide more amenities than a regular limousine. Some of the common amenities available in a stretch limo but not in a regular limousine are a full-length mirror roof, fully-equipped laser, strobe lighting, phone intercom systems, ceiling lights, DVD players, dual air conditioning, speaker sound systems, and spacious interiors. 

The third difference between the two is their purpose. A stretch limousine can accommodate significantly more people than a regular limo. It is ideal for weddings, receptions, gala events, school events, prom nights, and bachelorette parties. A regular limousine, on the other hand, may not be able to accommodate too many people and is commonly used by business travelers and organizations. They are also used for special dates and airport transfers.