A travel blog can be a great way to share travel experiences with the world while also building a following of people who enjoy your content and want to see more. But it’s essential to make sure you have a plan before starting this new journey. That’s where we come in. Travelling doesn’t have to be as much of a wild, sad adventure as it was 20 years ago, but plenty of things can go wrong. You should be prepared for every possible situation to start your new journey with confidence and excitement. Let’s look at the most important things you should know before you start a travel blog. 

1. Understand the travel blogging niche

Numerous travel blogs focus on different niches, so choosing one that best fits your passion is important. For example, if you enjoy hiking and want to share your passion with others, you could start a blog focused on hiking and backpacking trips in different parts of the world. Or, if you enjoy snorkelling and diving in unique locations worldwide, you could start a blog dedicated to reviews of tropical getaways. Or maybe you just enjoy travelling in general and want to share your experiences with people who have similar interests.

2. Choose your blog platform

There are many different platforms you can use for your blogs. Some of the most popular ones include WordPress and Tumblr, but others can be just as effective for your travel blog. It’s important to know what each platform has to offer and make sure it’ll work best for what you want from your travels, so take some time to see which one will be the most beneficial for you. You may even want to try a couple before settling on one, as this is entirely okay, and it’s how some people find the perfect platform they were looking for.

3. Choose your blogging gear

When it is a travel blog, videos and photos are essential because how else would you show the world your adventures. Therefore it is vital to choose the right blogging gear that will help create quality content for your blog. You can go for a high-quality DSLR camera that allows you to capture unique shots and videos. You can also use a video maker to create videos to add to your blog.

4. Start a good blogging schedule.

Research shows that it is important to write at least one blog post in the morning for yourself, even if it is not about travel. Simply sitting down and writing shouldn’t be overwhelming or too hard, which will allow you to start on your travels with more confidence. It’s important to plan out your blog posts so that you can share with everyone the best parts of your journey and bring them along on the journey. You may also want to create a travel blog calendar to keep up with writing each day.

5. Think of your unique voice.

When creating your blog posts, it’s important to have a unique voice that people can easily identify with. You should write in the tone and style that is comfortable for you and in a way that gets everyone excited about the adventures you’ll be sharing in the near future. Trying to do this alone would be difficult, but having a few different perspectives on each post will help illustrate and bring attention to things you may not have thought about before. Think of how each post will further your cause and how it will further interest in upcoming posts so that all topics are written with an overall objective for the readers and not just for you. 

Before you start blogging, a few things should be covered. These include:

1) Thumbnails

Thumbnails allow the user’s to quickly navigate through your blog without having to read through all of your posts in detail. If a person has never seen your blog before, they must be able to find the type of content they want to read quickly.

2) The Home page

The home page is the first thing a user sees whenever they visit your website. This page should only have the basics, such as what your blog is about, what kind of content you will be posting, and an easy way for them to subscribe to your email list. If you plan on including more tabs or links, these can be added to pages within your website for easy navigation.

You must include your email sign-up link on every post because this is how you will grow an email list and stay in contact with followers. 

3) Navigation

Every blog has a menu at the top that allows the users to navigate through all of your content within the blog. It should divide posts into categories, such as Travel, Food, Health, etc. Depending on how many posts you plan on your blog and what type of content you’re writing about, there should be a category for each post. If multiple pages are in one category, it is good to clarify this so the user can easily tell which page they are looking at.

Travel Blogging has earned massive popularity over the years, and thousands of bloggers from all around the world choose it to stay connected with their readers and collect some extra cash with advertising.

Travel blogging will indeed require a lot of work and dedication, but if you want to experience it, there’s nothing that can stop you. New things are waiting for you at every corner, so don’t be afraid to explore them! You need to create your unique style by simply sharing on your blog everything you know!

With photos, stories, and other content that come right from the heart written in your very own words – people will follow and read you.