Recreational vehicles are a blessing of technology to those who are fond of camping and going on leisure trips with their friends and family. But while planning for a leisure trip you need to take care of the space management inside the recreational vehicle.

Although we call it a home away from home but it doesn’t mean that we should have everything inside the RV that we have at our home. Hence, while preparing and packing things for the trip one should take into account the space inside the RV and how to manage the space efficiently.

You should focus on keeping only those things in the Recreational vehicle which you need and which all can be managed and stored easily. The RV should not look crowded with things not required. The recreational vehicle has a limited space which should be used such that everyone within it should be free to move. This is, in turn, will provide everyone with a nice experience on the trip

Space Saving Ideas and Hacks:

Let’s start with the Kitchen: So, one of the best ways to save a lot of space in your RV is by starting with the kitchen. Without any doubt, the kitchen takes a lot of space in your RV. But you can cut down on space by adjusting a few things, here is how you can do that.

  1. Add some accessories in the cupboard

Look around you can save a lot of space by just adding some accessories in the cupboard. After all, that is what the cupboards are meant for. While traveling in an RV many times we tend to unintentionally place our things here and there. So, it is always good to add things that are not in use in the cupboard. You can find things like over the door trash can, standing drawer, hanging fruit basket and dish cradles that can help in storing your valuables while not occupying much space.

  1. Bins To Segregate The Items And Store Them Accordingly

Once I went on an RV without a bin and trust me it became a huge problem. Storage bins are one of the most important things to have in an RV. It helps you in segregating the items and storing them properly in an RV space. You can use these bins to different your food, clothes, toys, and other accessories. It will not only help you in keeping your RV neat but will also save you a lot of time. You do not have to puzzle yourself while looking for things. You can use them in cupboards and chest of drawers. Besides, to make things simpler you can label them.

  1. Using Foldable and Stackable Utensils

One thing that can be of huge problem while traveling is the cookware. It occupies a lot of room in an RV you just can’t miss on it. So, the only option left is to cut down the space it occupies.

Using foldable and stackable utensils can surely help in making your RV more spacious. There is some electric equipment used in the kitchen like a kettle that is foldable, so you can buy one. I stopped using bowls and spoons in my RV until I found out about stackable utensils. These occupy less space and can be used in an RV kitchen.

  1. Get a sink rack

A sink is yet another thing that can occupy a lot of space in an RV. But if you be careful while selecting the rink rack you can surely save out on a lot of space. Moreover, the sink is one such thing that you simply cannot ignore, but it is always good to be more careful while selecting one.

Having a sink rack in your RV frees up a lot of space in your kitchen’s counter space and is easy to store.

  1. Peg Boards And Magnetic Strips Are Best For Optimal Space Usage

Storing the utensils in an RV kitchen is one of the problems that I have faced while RVing in the past. While you need to carry most of the utensils in your RV make sure to avoid the huge ones.

Besides, investing in pegboards and magnetic strips is something that can offer great help. Pegboard on the wall of an RV seems to be a great option to hang all of the pans and pots. Not only, it occupies less space but it looks cool too. Moreover, you can also use magnetic strips to hand the utensils but make sure to take them off while driving otherwise the noise might bother you.

How to save space in the Bathrooms:

Another thing that occupies a lot of space in an RV is the bathroom, but you can’t help it right. However, you can organize it in a way that occupies less space. So, here are some of the tips to make the bathroom look more spacious.

  1. Use smart DIYs to store your things

Do you know that you can make your RV more spacious by using smart DIY methods that can help in storing your things. In RV bathroom towels, shampoos, toothpaste can occupy unnecessary space. These DIYs will help you store the articles while occupying minimum space.

You can use your hanging shoe rack as a towel holder in your bathroom. If you can spare some time then you can sew a towel with buttons to make cute towel caddy. Moreover, to make it all more spacious you can use a shampoo and toothpaste dispenser. Additionally, you can always use your creative mind to create more DIYs that can make a bathroom in an RV more spacious.

  1. Laundry baskets and bags

Laundry baskets and bags are yet another way of increasing space in your RV. You can always get them from the market at a good price. The baskets and bags are another way of storing items that you are not using at the moment.

Instead of throwing your dirty clothes here and there make sure to keep them in a laundry bag. This way you know exactly where your clothes are and it occupies less space.

  1. Spice racks

Storing things in a bathroom can be a huge problem especially when there are little things. So, what do you do about them as they can be lost very easily?

You can use spice racks to store articles in your bathroom. These spice racks can be added to the cabinet of the bathroom to keep storage supplies. It is a very simple and easy way to add space to your bathroom.

Save your Bedroom and Living room Space

The living room can occupy a lot of space in an RV here are a few ways that can help you save a lot of space.

  1. Use the bunk beds as your mobile office
    Many RVs come with a bunk bed option. Honestly, I don’t find it useful in RV, plus I think it occupies a lot of room. But having a bunk bed is not that bad, because you can use it as a mobile office space. You can convert the bunk bed into an office space, and there you have a mobile space to work.


  1. Storage headboards over the bed
    If you are someone who loves stitching then it is time to be creative. You can create storage headboards over the bed. It can be used for storing things and for also getting shade if you have a a window behind the bed.
  1. Learn how to fold the clothes best

One of the best ways to make your RV more spacious is by learning how to organize things. So, do that. Learn to fold your clothes. Fold the clothes that are lying here and there. And then store them in the cupboard, drawer or some storing space.

  1. Velcro to keep your remotes

Remotes in an RV can be of TV, AC, etc which have the maximum possibility of being lost. In order to keep them in a safe place, you should make use of Velcro hooks which hold the remotes with a hook and loop mechanism. This will keep them in one place and prevent them from being lost or misplaced.

  1. Shelves that have side hooks

Clothes can be difficult to manage if you are going on a trip because they will be countless. Hence, there will be a requirement for hooks where you can hang clothes because keeping a suitcase would not be that convenient. Having shelves in the RV will help you save a lot of space in the RV.

  1. Get a number of magazine racks

Having a magazine rack in your RV can also help you save a lot of space. In case, you are reading enthusiast, a magazine rack can help you store magazines and books. On the other hand, it will also acquire less space. Another way to manage space in the RV.

  1. Cord organizers to keep the cords sorted

Although most of the cords in an RV are not visible to us because they are hidden under the structure. But in any case, if there are any cords or wires lying outside, they can be easily managed by the cord organizers. The cord organizers perfectly hold the cords together and prevent them from damage.

  1. Ottomans for some extra room and storage

Ottoman is a great piece of furniture that acts as a seat as well as a box for storage. It helps in saving space by storing things inside it and can also be used for sitting. A collapsible ottoman can also be folded and stored, which is a great advantage of it.

  1. Use the default storage space smartly

Space which is default meant for some stuff should also be managed such that it can be used to store items in an efficient way. For example, the place meant for the bathroom items can be used more effectively.

Miscellaneous tips and accessories for the RV:

  1. Get a desktop organizer

A desktop organizer is a great tool for an RV. Normally, what happens when the RV moves, due to jerks and jumps your desktop things like pen, staples, books may get misplaced or lost. Hence, having a desktop organizer will provide you the ease of getting all the required things in one place. This will save a lot of space for you

  1. The hanging clothes baskets

Keeping all the clothes in a suitcase might get a bit tough as there will be many clothes. Having a hanging clothes basket will be an advantage for you as it will not take up any space on the surface and you will still be able to store clothes.

  1. Buy a plate dispenser

Keep a plate dispenser in your RV as it saves a lot of space while also dispenses plates. It can be easily attached under the table or cabinet.

  1. Use hooks outside to store items

You can store items outside the RV with the help of hooks. Attach hooks outside the storage ceiling of the RV and it can be used to store various items like brooms, umbrellas, etc.

  1. Place the items vertically

Storing the items vertically rather than horizontally will save you a lot of space in the Recreational vehicle.

  1. You can also use expandable hangers

Expandable hangers are a great way to save space as they can be customized as required. If clothes are more than it can be expanded more.


As we have gone through all the tips and techniques that can be implemented to improve and save space in the Recreational Vehicle. You should make a list of items that are new to you in the list and get those items for your RV. This will help you conserve space in your RV and make more space for yourself in the vehicle. Although the list is very big but conversely it will help you save even the smallest space in your RV. I hope this article provides you with a good set of knowledge and drives you in the right way to make a decision.

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